October 19, 2013

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A little War Memorial action this Saturday...

  • The alarm clocks rang way too early-way too early.  Even though we got up when they rang (well, after one snooze), had clothes laid out and everything packed we still had to rush once we made it to War Memorial.
  • The kids really didn't slow us down to much.  When I opened the door to their room, Anderson sat up and said "finally, someone came to get us out of bed."  Then he told me that he had been awake since 5:15-doubtful but he sure did hop out of bed.  I had to stir the girls a bit more than the boys.  My boys have been thinking about playing at War Memorial since the season started.
  • Now we did stop to pick up breakfast for the car.  I quickly divided up the 2 big ultimate breakfast platters-pancakes, sausage, egg, biscuit and potato cakes for everyone in the back and sausage burritos for us in the front.
  • We made it to the stadium in plenty of time but Robby did go ahead and take Graham down to the field to line up for the tunnel run through.  He did send some help my way as I unloaded the car and carried our 52 chairs to the field (really just 5 big ones and one little one but feels more like 52).  
  • The tunnel run through for Upward is always fun and today was especially neat-they had smoke.  Yes, it is the little things in life!  The first game was at 8 and it was freezing.  Graham played first and his team tied (according to him).  He had one little run but got tripped up and fell down-either way he was a happy boy and when the trophies were handed out along with cupcakes, he was on cloud 9.
  • We had a bit of a break but the Hawkins had doughnuts at their truck so we stopped there and soon it was time to head back in for Anderson to line up for his 10'o'clock game.  The clouds were still in the sky and it was still freezing-almost shivering cold.  Anderson said that his team won today (possible, I just don't really know).  He did catch a pass and then ran a few steps before his flag was pulled.  When he was running, I could just see him as one of those huge football players running through a crowd of tall, scrawny, fast boys as he carried them across the goal line as they tried to tackle him.  
  • Another break was next-Whitman went to the car with Nonna and Pops for a bottle and short nap with Nonna.  About that time I couldn't find most of the kids but soon located everyone but Graham.  I thought that maybe he had gone with Jason but I called him and he wasn't with him.  I did think to ask if he might be with Nonna and Pops but he was not.  I knew he hadn't left the building, knew he remembered where our chairs were but I still couldn't find him.  Finally, we spotted him standing at the tunnel with a friend waiting on Lilly to run through.  I was a bit relieved but I guess he was never really lost at all.  I guess I "lost" the kids a few times today-once I turned 2 circles trying to find Keaton as we were walking through a crowd of people.  I then realized that I was holding her.
  • My Reagan ran through the tunnel next for her game at noon.  I really wish that she would have gotten the chance (or volunteered) to run the ball just once this year.  But I think she was just as happy being the center and getting to touch the ball each and every snap of the game (except when she was rotated out).  I think she enjoyed football but I also think that she is really relieved that it is over.
  • Pops invited us to eat at David's on the way home so we ate there.  The food was good but we were really hungry since it was well past 1 when we were there.  Then we waited in the car while Robby ran into to the grocery store to do some speed shopping (it is just so much easier that way).  
  • At home, we unloaded his groceries and then cleaned the car rearranging the car seats once again.  The kids never know what the car is going to look like when they get in it each day.  And then we started the process of laundry, showers and who knows what else we did because the next time we looked at the clock, it was 5.
  • The kids watched a real movie while Robby watched some of the game.  Then we had frozen pizza around half time and after the kids show was finished they headed to bed.  Robby watched the rest of the hogs massacre while Whitman gnawed on his finger (nearly drawing blood).  He has 4 teeth and 2 more are almost through.  We are a dentally advanced family.

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