October 22, 2013

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First time for veggies - yes, carrots!

  • Keaton was in bed with us first today but I didn't even know it until I asked Robby if someone was in bed with us.  She had awoken a little after 6 and Robby put her in bed with us and we all went back to sleep.
  • But soon Campbell and Graham were down in our bed fighting for a spot closest to Keaton - finally Robby decided to head to the shower.  Campbell got her clothes on and was asking how soon she could leave for school (She loves Ms. Hannah.)
  • Breakfast was next for the rest of us and then school was underway.  School was fairly smooth today (always helps a bit to have one less Dennie around during school).  Graham had decided he needed my undivided attention for phonics so he had stopped doing any of it so he was a bit behind as the others finished.
  • Robby picked up Campbell from school and dropped her off and grabbed a bit of lunch. (Cute story - when he picked her up, she jumped up and started to grab her papers but soon realized she needed to give all her classmates a big hug. She went back and gave every one of her classmates the biggest hug.  Ms. Hannah said this class gave the most hugs.)
  • I bought some vegetables yesterday at the store so today I made up a batch of carrots for Whitman.  This was his first day to have vegetables. He wasn't too crazy about them but finished them off.
  • The afternoon was pretty uneventful except the boys have started using all the kindle time early in the morning so this leaves kindle time in the afternoon.  Robby said they probably will to save their kindle time for the afternoon (which also helps me!)
  • Jodee and Kennedy stopped by around 3:00 to pick up Reagan.  Reagan had packed her bag much earlier in the day and was looking forward to spending the night with Kennedy. She'll catch back up with us tomorrow morning at Bible study.
  • Pretty soon Robby was home and Graham had sweet talked him into taking them to Chick-fil-a while I went to Bunko. Campbell changed out of her princess dress and soon they were backing out of the drive way.   
  • They had a big time at Chick-fil-a and Keaton even enjoys going into the playground but she and Campbell made me quick visits back to Robby for a drink of Diet Coke.  Ice cream and a bit more playtime and they were headed back home by 8:00.
  • Robby decided he would try to let Keaton sleep in the big kids room so he put her down at 8:30 and let the boys and Campbell watch the rest of their afternoon movie and another short one.  He had thought Keaton would be asleep by 9:15 but they all went in very quietly and she was still awake but laying still. Surprisingly, she stayed still and talked a bit but everyone else was worn out and didn't even try to talk to her.  All were alseep by 9:30.  We'll see who wakes up first in the morning!

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