October 30, 2013

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Coats of many colors...

  • This morning was Bible study morning and we made it to Bible study on time-9:15.  And I think that I have decided 9:15 is the earliest that we can get anywhere, ever.  Now we did all have breakfast, emptied the trash cans and even left the house decent.  
  • My kids went into their classes perfectly and as an added bonus everyone from Campbell on up heard a man play the shofar (a horn type thing blown in Biblical times)  For the little ones it was the trumpet at the walls of Jericho and for Reagan and I they said it might sound like the trumpet blasts in Revelation.
  • As we were walking out, a lady from church greeted us and said that she didn't know that we were coming.  I told her that this was our first year and that we even missed a day of school to come.  She told us that this would be greatly blessed.  So I started thinking-maybe I could start counting Bible study day as a school day in my school day count.  Though I really don't know why I keep a count-well, maybe just so I can know when to have our 100 days of school party.
  • When we made it home, I quickly threw some food on a plate and passed it out for lunch. Then we took some pictures of the kids wearing their coat of many colors and Campbell holding her "Joseph award" which says that she was a good friend today.
  • We finished the girls clothes and then started working on making some acorns for our friends tomorrow.  Anderson's oral report is about acorns tomorrow so that is the reason for our afternoon cooking.
  • Then it was movie time-for a short while.  I had asked and asked the kids to be quieter and no one listened.  So they spent some time quietly picking up the toy room.  (And then they did get to watch just a bit more of their shows-I did have some things to do after all!)  
  • All too soon it was time to eat supper and head to church.  On our way, Robby let me out to buy some cakes for one of tomorrow's big games (a real cake walk-not a cake roll) and then I jumped out at the library to pick up some more books.  Seriously, requesting books online is the best thing ever.
  • We did the church thing and then home for a snack.  Keaton must have been starving because she kept asking "snack? snack?" on the way home.  After snack, she went to bed at the same time as everyone else and things started at well.  Robby had been upstairs once to tell her to be quiet but the second time, he picked her up and took her to the pack n play in the bonus room without saying a word to her.  For a brief time, I think she thought he was taking her to the garage!  She hasn't made a peep since laying down upstairs and I bet that tomorrow night might go more smoothly.
  • Whitman is still up though and is playing with a coke bottle.  He is about to go to bed for the night-I tell you he is so cute lately wearing his big boy clothes.  Look at those little pajamas on him tonight.  Cutest thing ever-well, one of the sixth cutest things ever!

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