October 24, 2013

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Real life at the Dennies...

  • On yesterday's blog I said that none of the big kids could get Keaton out of bed but I was wrong.  I knew there was a reason that I was so glad to have Reagan home last night-this morning when the room upstairs cleared out, Keaton and Reagan came down together.  Reagan had helped Keaton get out of her bed.  Later, Reagan said that she could tell that Keaton was taller since it was easier to get her.  
  • Campbell was again super excited about school and especially since today was her snack day.  It does seem like we just brought snack but we found a good snack (goldfish and raisins) so we brought it again this time.  We also added juice boxes because today's snack was a picnic.  
  • Robby dropped Campbell off at school and then came home to work from home but to also work on his chili for later in the day.  The kids and I did school and for some odd reason we were finished with everything before 11:30.  I am not sure how that happened but I hope it happens again!  So I kicked the kids outside to do a scavenger hunt that was part of their school.  They stayed outside for a few extra minutes but were soon back inside-I think that we haven't been outside much lately so they have forgotten about what all there is to do out there.
  • And another reason-the boys have become crazy skittish about the neighbor's dog-the dog inside of the fence.  A few days ago, they were both outside and I told them to go and get the mail and they walked off like they were going to get it but then they told me that they didn't want to.  Yesterday, I tried to get Anderson to get the mail and he didn't want to go.  Then I saw him walking gingerly towards the mailbox staring down that tiny little fenced up dog.  
  • I let the kids watch a movie while they ate lunch but told them that I would need their help later.  They obliged and later when I asked for help they did help me.  The project was switching out the boys clothes.  Anderson and Graham only have one box each to go through and since some of those were summer clothes, it really didn't take too long.  We were able to put lots of clothes up and straighten up some drawers.  Reagan, Anderson and Graham really helped with all of those piles of clothes while Keaton just did cannonballs in those piles of clothes.
  • Soon Campbell came home from Nonna's house.  They had eaten lunch, worked puzzles and had a big time.  After awhile though, Campbell begin to get a little lonesome for the noise of our house so she asked to go home.  Nonna brought her home.
  • Whitman had a quick photo shoot with his newly completed Christmas stocking-I made his and Keatons and the matching other four were from Robby's mantle when he was growing up.  And do you notice my Campbell-she was all about cheesing for the camera tonight.
  • The afternoon was good even though things did get a bit crazy towards the end.  Robby was home a bit later because he went to work this afternoon to enter a chili cook off....and he came in 3rd place.  Not too bad at all!  After the judging, people served their chili-well, Robby tried not to serve his chili too much since it was our supper.  You have to save a lot of chili to feed all of us!  
  • Speaking of feeding-I made more baby food today and had a small blender mishap.  Let's just say that it involved me cleaning the cabinets, counters and floor!  Ha!  But I still had plenty of sweet potatoes left to make Whitman quite a few meals.  He even had a snack of the leftovers from the bottom of the blender.
  • Back to supper, the boys practiced their oral reports and then the kids played around in the school room until bedtime.  We put Keaton in bed early so the other kids heard a few stories before they snuck upstairs to climb into their beds.

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