October 17, 2013

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Football season winding down...

  • Graham was the first one up this morning and it was after 7:20 before he came to our room.  After a bit longer of lollygagging, we quickly got things moving so Robby could take Campbell to school.  
  • When they were driving off, Robby pointed to the boys a box on the front steps.  So we opened it while eating breakfast-it was like Christmas in a box.  Aunt Shelley had sent birthday presents for Reagan, Graham, Keaton and Robby.  Reagan had American Girl craft projects that she said she wanted to work on tomorrow.  Graham received a lighted football and that Anderson and him quickly left breakfast to go and play with.  
  • We started school and worked as fast we could since Robby and Keaton would soon be home from taking Campbell.  Poor Keaton was so excited to go this morning unitl I put on her clothes.  I found the only shirt with red that I could in her drawer to match the only pair of her pants that were clean.  The shirt was a cute little onesie.  But as soon as I started snapping her bottom buttons she kept telling me "Whitman, Whitman"  She was sure that I was trying to put Whitman's clothes on her.  
  • We can get quite a bit finished with one less or even two less kiddos around.  I had Reagan and Anderson working on their math and phonics while Graham and I banged out his together work.  Then I worked with Reagan and then Anderson.  Graham did have one meltdown when I wouldn't stop helping Reagan to help him-gracious, when he is good he is really good and when he is bad, well, you know!  
  • When Keaton came in with Robby, she opened her present from Aunt Shelley-light up dress up shoes.  That child hobbled around the house in those shoes all stinking day long.  She was so proud of them and even wore them to pick up Campbell.  Graham asked to come too and he went with Robby and Keaton.  
  • Now when I leave the house, I made sure that everyone has shoes even if they are not wearing them-what if we had to walk somewhere or got invited to an impromtu party.  But when Robby left to pick up Campbell, he had a Keaton wearing her light up high heels and Graham dressed from head to toe like a power ranger.  
  • We had our lunch and then the kids played most of the afternoon-well, there was a fairly good lull when it was nap and movie time around here.  Campbell did follow me most of the afternoon.  Some days it is pretty frustrating but other days, like today, I put her to work.  She helped me change Whitman's clothes out.  Now I only have 5 more kiddos to change their clothes out before it gets any colder.
  • Before too long, I was scurrying around like a mad women trying to get everyone ready for football tonight.  We had to leave the house at 4:45 so supper was quickly grilled grilled cheese sandwiches.  Well, some of them were quickly grilled and some of them were not so quickly grilled.  Robby did save the day when I left one batch in too long because I became busy doing something else!
  • The games were fun-Graham's team may have won but he pulled a flag and did have a good run and Reagan's team tied.  She acted as the center the whole game (because she didn't want to run) and she even pulled a flag.  But all of the Dennie crew had more fun running around with their friends before and during the games.
  • Once at home, everyone had quick showers and as I put new pajamas on Keaton she again started yelling "Whitman, Whitman" thinking I was putting his pjs on her.  It was a pair of feetie pajamas just like he wears all of the time.  To mess with her, I might just try to put her in some of his clothes tomorrow!

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