Disney World 2013: October 4, 2013

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Graham was the big star tonight at the Hoop Dee Doo Revue!
  • It didn’t take long for everyone to get bedded down last night and we thought things were going splendidly.  We knew Whitman was awake and kicking his little feet but thought everyone else was asleep. Then we heard those someone in a muffled voice saying  “Mommy? Mommy?”  It was Keaton from the closet.  She opened the door and stumbled to find me to bring me her cup.  We tried to get her to go back to bed but she really had no intentions of that.  So Robby put her in bed with him and she slept pretty well (though he said she moved around quite a bit.)
  • Now my bed was another story.  He didn’t move at all nor did he wake up to eat.  But
    somehow I had gotten on the wrong side of him and only had a sliver of the bed to sleep on.  I was pretty worried about him rolling over so I tried to roll the comforter beside him but thought that was too much cover beside his head so then I just put my computer beside him-hoping we would hear it fall first and could grab Whitman if he were to follow.
  • The kids all woke up in a good mood when we started waking them up at 5:45.  Yes, that would be 4:45 your time.  Graham was probably the most excited to get up-he kept saying “I can’t wait to see Grannymom and Grandpa” and “I can’t wait to see the house.” (We are staying in a house this time.)  I guess after today that boy will have marked everything off of his list and can head home.
  • We had breakfast at the hotel.  Everyone picked out a box of cereal for the road and then Robby started making waffles for all the kids.  Keaton was too distracted watching everyone and everything so she didn’t touch her breakfast but everyone else ate most everything.  
  • Around 6:30, we were in the car and heading on down the road and we didn’t stop until almost 8 with a bathroom stop for Robby.  He was pretty pleased that his stop only lasted 5 minutes as opposed to the 30 minutes that it takes when we all stop.  Though when we pulled over we had 5 sleeping kids but as soon as the hum of the car stops, they all wake up-every single time!
  • We had a rest stop stop and then back on the road.  The kids finished a movie from last night, played on their kindles and ate the cereal they had picked up at the hotel breakfast.  I spent my time bribing the kids to ride Tower of Terror.  The kids love roller coasters (well, Campbell was NOT fond of Space Mountain).  But no one has ever liked Tower of Terror (one of my favs).  I first offered one dollar to ride it but Reagan said that she had 2 dollars in her purse and didn’t need any more.  I thought about trying to explain the cost of souvenirs to her but decided not to. Robby then offered 3 dollars for a Tower of Terror ride and that sealed the deal.  We will see though what happens when they are standing in front of it.  They have been on it before but I think they have scared themselves thinking about it-all but Graham.  He was the only one ready to go with out a bribe.
  • When we were about 100 miles away, we stopped for one more stop-we hoped it was our last.  This gas station was also a bbq and peanut joint.  Anderson was standing by a 50 pound bag of peanuts and he looked around, sniffed the air and said “I smell peanuts.”
  • It didn’t take too long before we finished that last 100  miles and Robby and I ran around dumping all of our stuff out of the car and into the house.  So let me tell you about this little house….
  • It is in a neighborhood and only about 5 miles from Animal Kingdom.  It is very, very nice.  All of the furniture is extremely nice.  There is a huge master bedroom with a bathroom big enough for two pack n plays (Whitman and Keaton and both pack n plays were here.)  Then there is another nice bedroom that Grannymom and Grandpa are in.  Then there is an Incredible Hulk bedroom that the boys are thrilled about.  And a Mickey Mouse room that the girls have claimed.  The garage has been turned into a game room with a pool table, fooz ball and air hockey table.  And the highlight is the little pool and hot tub outside.  My kids think that they are in heaven!
  • The kids were so excited to see this house and explore every nook and cranny.  And Reagan begged me to put their clothes in their room and she has organized tommorrow’s clothes in the drawers.  I guess they are really ready for their own rooms-or maybe they were just excited about having tvs in their rooms.  That was quite the thrill watching Wipeout while laying in bed.  
  • Back to the day, Robby dropped me off and I stayed at the house.  I was able to get everything put away-and even had time for a snack.  I had thought about taking a quick swim and being in the pool when the others came back. I had even dipped Whitman's feet in it briefly before coming back inside.  And Whitman, who stayed with me, spent his time rolling around on the floor.  He was thrilled to be out of his car seat.  Finally, he went to sleep and I put him in one pack n play and then moved him to another one.  Why did I do this risky move?  Well, I didn’t want for Keaton to come back and see Whitman in her bed and then think that her bed was his bed.  
  • The others made it to the airport to pick up Grannymom and Grandpa.  They had a smooth flight and the kids were happy to see them.  The airport that they flew into was about an hour away so it took them some time to get back.  And since the kids had not had lunch, Robby stopped at Arbys.  The kids ate every bit of their sandwiches-they must have been starving!
  • Back at the house, everyone looked around some more and then Robby suggested going swimming.  And in they all dove into the pool.  I told Graham that maybe we wouldn’t even go to Disney World and he was really fine with that.  They were all having a blast in the pool but all too quickly we had to get out to get ready.
  • On tonight’s agenda was the Hoop Dee Do Revue at Fort Wilderness.  We had never eaten here so Robby and I were pretty excited about it.  After parking, we found out where to go and were walking to the bus.  A worker man offered to take us in his van-so we all climbed in.  While we were in the van, Anderson said “this is a big van, isn’t it?”  Well, it was a 15 passenger just like ours so I really didn’t think it was that much larger.
  • We had some time before to walk around and see some horses and then the kids played on a playground before going inside for the Hoop Dee Doo Revue.  We had a pretty perfect table and cornbread, butter and salad was on the table and we dug into it.  I think the cornbread was my favorite part of the meal.  
  • The performers sang and danced and sang some more.  It was very entertaining-Whitman watched and wigged until he fell asleep.  Keaton clapped her hands and the big 4 laughed and enjoyed every part of the show.  After the cornbread, we were brought mashed potatoes, corn, turnip greens (or something else green and slimey), beans, ribs and fried chicken. My poor citified kids didn't know what to do with a drumstick. I guess we might should get KFC takeout a few times. Reagan was shocked, absolutely shocked when I told her that it had a bone in it. The dessert was strawberry shortcake and we ate that during the last performance.
  • And Graham was even pulled up on stage.  He was a cowboy person in the grand finale-cutest little thing.  Robby went up to the front to take pictures and I tried my best to take a video of him.  I think that he was pretty pleased and they even gave him a certificate and pictures of himself at the end of the show.  
  • By the end of the show, the kids were tired and they all sat perfectly still riding the bus back to the car.  Of course 5 kids along with me holding Whitman sitting side by side on a bus does cause quite a stir and Robby was asked about them a few times.
  • We made a quick stop to Walgreens for some milk and then it was back to the house.  The kids must have been sleepy (getting up as early as we did will make you tired) because they put on their pjs as soon as they came in the house.  Then they watched a few minutes of tv and had some milk before bed.  
  • It was a pretty perfect day-tomorrow is Magic Kingdom in the morning and probably Epcot tomorrow night.  

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