Disney World: October 7, 2013

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To infinity and beyond...

  • The morning came all too quickly.  Whitman woke up around 4 so I put him in our giant bed and then about 20 minutes before wake up time, Campbell joined us.  I had to work and work to get all of the kiddos awake but in a flash they were dressed and eating breakfast.  I told Robby that I was surprised at how well they do wake up (and are in a good mood).  He reminded me that we were getting ready to go to Disney World.
  • Today we went to Magic Kingdom.  We had thought about riding on the monorail but ended up on the boat.  We had to wait a minute for the next boat so when we made it to the park we were a bit later than the other day.  
  • That was still fine because we went right to the Astro Orbiter and everyone but Whitman and I rode it.  They all enjoyed the crazy high ride.  Next up was Buzz Lightyear and Anderson tried really hard to beat me but I still ended up with more points than him.  After I realized that he was trying to beat me I stopped shooting my gun but still had more-I am just good like that!
  • We then walked a little ways to get to Winnie The Poohs ride and then the Mad Tea Party ride.  I usually do not like rides like that but it was fine-mainly because Anderson begged us to stop twisting at the end so we had a few minutes to calm our dizzy heads.
  • After that little ride we had a snack and then Reagan, Anderson and Graham went with us to ride on Space Mountain.  We had 8 fast passes so Robby took the kids first and then I took them.  Campbell couldn't go with us because she wasn't tall enough (she was secretly pleased with this).  The same thing happened last year with Graham being able to ride Space Mountain at Disneyland but not at Disney World.  
  • So Robby took the kids first and I went to a shop to look around.  Then I went back to our meeting spot and waited and waited and waited and they never came.  I finally started to wonder if I had missed them.  Robby left his phone at the house so I couldn't call him but eventually they showed up.  Robby looked at me strangely when I said that it took a long time.  I guess that the ride was just that long.  
  • Next I rode Space Mountain with the kids and Robby returned back to Grannymom, Grandpa, Keaton, Whitman and Campbell.  I think this was the first time that I have rode the new Space Mountain because the last few times that we have been here, I have been pregnant.
  • After Space Mountain, we went to ride the new Little Mermaid ride and it was good though pretty much identical to Disneyland.  Then we found a perfect little picnic spot under a tent and ate our lunches.  
  • Afterwards, we rode the Goofy roller coaster.  Reagan is the only one who can ride the rides by herself since she is 8 (the magical number).  So that left one Dennie rider who would be left out-Anderson took one for the team.  I was going to ride with him as soon as we were finished with our ride.  While we were waiting in line, we could see the dark, dark clouds fast approaching.  The loud speaker for the ride announced that the ride would close with heavy rain or lightening.  I was getting worried that we wouldn't be able to ride or that Anderson wouldn't get his turn.  Thankfully, we were all about to ride but the clouds were still coming.
  • We had Dumbo fast passes next so we all got in that line.  We thought we were in the line that would take us to the playground but the fast pass line doesn't go to the playground so the kids were a bit disappointed but they survived.  We will try to go back to get our turn in the playground another day.
  • It only took a few minutes and we were on Dumbo.  Whitman was really enjoying the ride and he really started liking the rain drops.  He would reach up to his hat trying to figure out what was pelting his little head.  They were pretty huge rain drops and when we got off the ride, it started pouring.
  • We took refuge in a gift shop for a few minutes but when half of the park was crammed into that tiny area, we decided it was time to go.  It varied between a sprinkle and a heavy down pour.  We were drenched by the time we made it to the monorail.  I really try to explain to the kids not to get their shoes wet-today that was not possible at all.  We were walking through tons of water (Disney has a bit of a drainage problem during monsoons!) and all of our shoes were sloshing.
  • The monorail ride was dry but alas we soon were at the bottom of the ramp and had to choose what to do next-try to wait out the rain or just get to the car.  We opted to just get to the car-when we made it we took the kids shoes and socks off.  Every single thing we had on was wet-Graham said that this was the best day ever!  Keaton was the least pleased about the rain and kept saying "wet, wet." 
  • When we made it back to the house the rain had stopped so the kids put on their bathing suits to go and get in the pool.  So we had been running through the park avoiding getting wet so we could rush home to get in the pool.  Yep, that's how we roll!  The rain didn't affect us too much because we were planning on leaving about the same time so it was all good.  (And really, today will be the day that the kids remember the most of-running through the rain at Disney World.)
  • Back at the house, the kids and Robby swam while Whitman and then Keaton napped.  We spent most of the afternoon drying out our shoes and clothes from earlier in the day.  We had our supper and about as soon as we were about to go IT happened.  Yep, vomit!  Poor Keaton lost her supper and when we got her cleaned up, she laid her head down on me for a while and just as I got suspicious that she wasn't finished, I moved to the tile floor in the nick of time.  Pitiful, pitiful but after that she felt much better. 
  • She stayed back at the house with Grannymom, Grandpa and Whitman for the evening.  They took a walk around the block and stayed up playing until after 9.  The little girl had a blast and was feeling much better.  She even asked for milk to go night night and chugged it down-so we will cross our fingers that it stays down!  
  • Now I have been battling a bit of the other end problems (I really share too much, I know) along with an upsettish tummy and on the way to the park I felt horrible.  So horrible that we debated taking me back to the house.  I put my bag in my pocket and pressed on-a few places I did think I was going to have to pull my bag out.  And that is really not the memory I want to make at Disney.  But after awhile, I started to feel better and was able to enjoy the evening more.
  • So it was just Robby, me, Reagan, Anderson, Graham and Campbell-no strollers, no diapers, just one little backpack.  It was kind of crazy since we are used to carrying one little bag, one huge backpack, one double stroller, one single stroller, one front carrier and one ice chest.  Robby was left at home once when he was a baby and the rest of his family went to Disney so he has made sure no child of ours is left behind.  But after tonight, he might be rethinking our policy.  Sorry, Whitman you may not get to come back here until you are out of diapers!
  • Tonight we let the kids play on the Dumbo playground and then rode that ride.  Next everyone rode Goofy's roller coaster.  Robby had to ride 3 times since Reagan was the only one old enough to go alone (I still wasn't up to it.)  Then we walked across the park and rode Thunder Mountain and by this time I was feeling better enough to ride on it.  
  • Then we headed back out of the park.  Now just as Robby will always be toting his baby to Disney, I am sure that when my kids grow up they will make sure they watch the parades and sit for the fireworks.  I can just see Anderson saying to his little boy one day "My daddy never let us watch the parades.  We might could see a float through the people as we hurried out of the park.  Then he didn't want to get caught in the crowd so we couldn't even stay for the fireworks.  We might could catch a glimpse of them through the trees as we climbed into the car.  That's why, son, we are going to sit here and watch the parade and then stay for every last firework."  

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