October 25, 2013

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  • Whitman was the first one awake this morning and at 7:20 when I hadn't heard anyone stirring upstairs, I started to get a bit worried about them.  I couldn't figure out why my 2 that wake up every single day at 7 were not up yet.  
  • Graham and Campbell are the ones that usually wake up right at 7.  We have wondered why they wake up together but this morning, Graham said that he asked Campbell if she wanted to wake up like he usually does and she said no.  I had no idea that he asked her if she wanted to wake up each morning.  
  • Anderson ended up being the first one up this morning and he came into our room holding sweet Keaton's hand.  I guess he was able to get her out of bed.  He said that he went to her bed and she was staring at home so he helped her out.  Sometimes those kids can be so sweet-and sometimes not!
  • Robby left for work and we started on our breakfast and then school.  We had finished everything by noon so that was nice.  No big meltdowns during school.  The little girls spent some time putting all of the toothpicks that I spilled last night back in the container through the little holes-no, I am not going to use them again but as I was getting ready to throw them away, I thought it might kill some time during school (and officially it was a great fine motor activity).  Also in Campbell's boxes was a bit of ribbon weaving which she enjoyed doing (and did well at it.)
  • But the real exciting thing to me was a library book that had the story on the cd.  It doesn't take much to thrill me.  When I checked the book out (along with 2 others that also had cds) I was a bit bummed thinking that I had that much more to be responsible for.  But Anderson read the story and then he listened to it.  The next day Graham listened to it and today Campbell listened to the story-15 minutes each and every time of one child quietly wearing earphones and sitting at a desk!  Magical!
  • Lunch and then somehow it turned into a project afternoon-I worked on a friendship bracelet with Reagan, Anderson painted on his dump truck that his built, Graham and Anderson worked on a light up helicopter and I am sure that we probably worked on a few other things.  Also we went through a bin of girls clothes, did a load of laundry, changed out a few pictures in frames, straightened the house-oh, wait I did those things-not the kids.  
  • Before long, I was running around pulling out hats, gloves, coats, clothes and more clothes for tonight.  Reagan did help me pull out the hats.  She found Robby's ear warmers and asked "would Daddy rather have a hat since he is like bald?"  I remembered that I was without a winter coat since mine caught on fire last year (well, that sounds more dramatic than a spark felling on it and now having a tiny hole).  And then we loaded up to head to GS Fest (also known as Jesus Fest by Campbell.)
  • We had to stop to drop of Keaton and Whitman and then off we went with a quick stop at the gas station and library first.  We arrived in plenty of time to stand in line but be the first on a few rides.  It was cold at first but not freezing but by the time we left (before 9:30) my feet were beginning to get cold!
  • The kids rode the little motorcycles, the swings, went down the slide, did a fun house, a mirror maze, another fun house with ropes to climb up and swinging bridges and a spinny bear ride.  Then we went to get some food-hot dogs, chips, drinks, hot chocolates and apple cider for me.  We all sat down on the sidewalk and had ourselves a picnic.  
  • The next event was the ferris wheel-Reagan was so excited to do this but Campbell and Graham were pretty bummed that they couldn't ride on it.  Anyway, Reagan, Caroline and Kennedy all rode in one car and that left Anderson without a partner so I was nominated.  As soon as we set down on that ferris wheel Anderson said "I didn't want to do this."  I also did not want to do that ride but it was too late.  You wouldn't believe how high we were-still gives me the heeby jeebies!
  • Next up was a few carnival games including plinko and then back to the other side to wait in line for the little roller coaster.  The kids had fun on that and by that time it was cold and time to pick up the little ones.  
  • The kids had a blast tonight and we were glad we went to GS Fest.  Though we have been using GS Fest for a bribe for the past week-I will miss that!  We dropped Reagan off at Nonna's house and picked up Keaton and Whitman and then headed home.  On the way home, Graham gave Keaton his glow stick-sweetest child ever! 

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