October 13, 2013

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Growing up too fast!

  • It was 6:15 when Anderson called down that his nose was bleeding.  By the time I made it up the stairs, he had already gotten some tissue and was back in bed.  I didn't ask why I was needed up there if he had everything under control though I thought it.  I could tell that Graham and Campbell were ready to get up and were going to cause problems if I left-so I just scooted Reagan over and laid with her.  
  • I could barely keep Campbell and Graham quiet even when I was in the same room with them.  I tried to get Graham to go and lay with Robby downstairs but he didn't want to do that-probably thought that he would end up falling back asleep and miss out on something.
  • I kept everyone in bed until 7 and then I let them get up and play and I headed back to bed.  I did start a new load of clothes and grab Whitman who had woken up.  And before too long, I also had cinnamon rolls in the oven and was pouring orange juice for breakfast.  Yep, I'm supermom.  Ha! Don't be too impressed-laundry has been going all day long, the cinnamon rolls were from a can and the orange juice was from a carton.  
  • By this morning we had pretty much everything unpacked and then did pretty much nothing else for the rest of the day.  Campbell did find some money from my laundry pile and decided that she needed it in a little baggie.  Then she carried that bag around for the rest of the day.  Later she told Robby "Tomorrow when we go on our next trip, I will have it ready."  Unfortunately, we are not going to go on a trip tomorrow-oh well, at least the girl can dream.  
  • We had lunch a bit late and then just laid around all afternoon-perfect, perfect day.  The kids did lots and lots of dress up for most of the day.  Whitman worked on sitting up-I really don't know what he will do first-crawl or sit up really well.  That little guy is on the move, much more so than any of the other little Dennies have ever been.
  • This afternoon, Robby did pass out the dollar I owed the kids from their chores before we left and the 3 dollars we had promised them to ride Tower of Terror (just the first time, the other ride was free). Then he explained that they needed to find 40 cents for their tithe from their earned money.  
  • I took everyone upstairs to find 40 cents and they all did pull out more money to take to church. Now Graham looked at me and said "I know that God doesn't really get the money because he is in heaven. So where does it really go?"  I am sometimes shocked by his questions-pretty deep.  I explained where our tithe goes and he was satisfied with my answer.
  • This evening we all sat down and watched all of our pictures from the trip.  The kids loved, loved this and begged us to watch the pictures form our last trip.  We will another day and Reagan even wanted to watch pictures of when she was a baby.  Sounds like a plan to me-we will have to have another picture watching party soon.  

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