Disney World: October 9, 2013

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Riding Everest with our mouths wide open!

  • Whitman woke up around 4 again and I spent quite awhile afterwards trying to count how many hours of sleep we had left.  Every time I did this, I would come up with a different number of hours left in the night.  I think I need a vacation or a few extra hours of sleep.
  • My boys were already up before 7 this morning-not just up but dressed, fed and brushed.  It didn't take too much longer for the rest of us to be ready as well.  We continue to get to the park a bit earlier each day-our morning routine continues to become more and more efficient.  Too bad tomorrow is our last day with the same routine.
  • Today was Hollywood Studios day and when we were in line waiting on the gates to open we stopped to see Donald.  Then I still thought we had a few more minutes to see Stitch but the gates opened and thousands of people started moving-that left me, Grannymom and the kids to find Robby and Grandpa.  I found them first but somehow lost Graham in the process.  I was pretty sure that he was with Grannymom but there was still that sinking feeling.  In a flash though, we saw them and everyone was accounted for.
  • Robby went to go and get tickets for the Toy Story ride while we went to register for the homeschool day.  I had really been looking forward to the homeschool day but it was pretty much a bust!  I don't mean to complain at all.  I am so very grateful for the discount the homeschool crowd received-it did save our family a thousand bucks.  But I felt almost like I was sitting in a timeshare sales pitch before I could have the free night in a condo.  
  • I am sure that the Disney education department puts on wonderful shows and this one would have been if we would have had any interest in show business.  The American Idol Experience host talked, along with a stunt man, a producer and production manager.  They all talked about their Disney experiences, how they got their jobs and yada, yada.  It was interesting and informative.  The people were very nice and genuine.  It could have been a neat little thing but was a missed opportunity for Disney....now all of that to say, some of the Disney homeschool shows look really neat and I would certainly set through one of those shows again to buy the discounted tickets again.  Maybe we will have to just come back in February to try again.
  • Hollywood Studios is a park that has few rides and more shows.  So after our homeschool show we went on to the Indiana Jones show.  It was standing room only but the kids were able to find a good spot and stand and watch.  Of course this show is loud-so loud that Keaton, Campbell and even Graham weren't too crazy about it.  I guess that I should say that Graham did like it but had his ears over his hands the entire time.  The explosions and all did book so loudly that Whitman would even jump.  
  • After the show, we went to see the Muppet show.  It was cute and the bubbles falling from the sky were the favorite of everyone-especially Keaton.  We then thought we might go through the Jack Sparrow thing but a 45 minute wait was way too long.  So we just took a walk around to see the sights and then to our Toy Story ride.
  • Now usually my score is higher than Robby's score but this time I did have Whitman in the carrier so my arms were a bit constricted.  I only think that he beat me by just a few thousand points.  Next time though he better watch out!  Oh and I think the kids liked the ride too-I was too bummed about losing that I didn't even ask.  
  • We then went to an outlet Disney store that I had read about.  I have told the kids that they could get a souvenir and they have their eyes on hats.  The outlet store was pretty good-lots of choices and very good prices but no hats!  Oh, well, we never buy the kids anything (except many, many experiences) so it is okay to splurge occasionally. 
  • Back at the house, Keaton rested with Robby in our bed.  Whitman had a nap and the rest of the kids played on their kindles.  Soon it was time to load back up for Animal Kingdom.  We thought that it was opened until 7 and had planned on coming back to the house then for supper.  But we were wrong-the park closed at 6 so it was an hour less time but still plenty of time for what we wanted to do.
  • The first stop was a Expedition Everest ride for Reagan and Anderson with me and then with Robby.  Graham didn't want to ride it today so he stayed back with Keaton and Campbell at the Boneyard playground.  We then met up with them and the other kids played in the playground before we went to ride the Dinosaur ride.  Campbell did  really well on the dinosaur ride and didn't scream!  
  • Yes, speaking of screaming.  I took a few pictures of Robby, Anderson and Reagan (though you can't really see her on the roller coaster).  Look at their mouths-I think that they were probably screaming a bit!  Ha!  I have never seen Anderson's mouth open so wide!
  • After the Dinosaur ride I took Reagan and Anderson to ride the Primevil Whirl.  This time Reagan barely made it on the ride because she wasn't tall enough.  The lady told her to suck in and she did grow an inch and soon we walked on.  After that ride, we met everyone back at the car and headed home. 
  • Once at home, we had spaghetti for supper and then everyone swam.  It was chilly outside but the pool was warm and the hot tub was even warmer.  My Whitman loves the water just as much as the other Dennies.  He is going to be worn out tonight as much kicking that he did in the pool.  After the pool the kids played a bit of a video game while Keaton put her brothers shorts on and danced around the house!

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