October 29, 2013

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Party at Beebee's!

  • The big thud this morning told us that Graham and Keaton were again the first ones up.  They laid with us until time for Campbell to get her school clothes on and the rest of us to start moving to start the day.
  • We said bye to Campbell and Keaton continuously asked if she was going to get to go too like on Thursdays.  She wasn't too disappointed since her new favorite thing to do is wave at Robby from the front window.  
  • Sometime during school, I looked over at Anderson's desk and saw something unusual.  The kids have a cart with 10 boxes and in each box I place one of their assignments for the day-math worksheet, flashcards, spelling book, etc.  Now some drawers I just stick in a sticky note saying what they are to do-typing, oral report, puzzle.  So one of Anderson's sticky notes and been turned over and someone had written "do a lot of math."     
  • We finished school and even did our science before our lunch arrived.  My friends are pretty envious of my lunch deliveries.  Today it was Grannymom and Grandpa-they had picked up Campbell and brought us lunch.  They were anxious to see the kiddos after their trip and the kids were anxious to see them as well.  
  • After Grannymom and Grandpa left, the girls and I worked on their clothes (yes, it is taking me this long.)  We didn't work long today so we still have their Sunday clothes and pajama drawers to work on.  Now after doing all of this, Keaton has started sleeping upstairs so now it is probably nearing time to move her clothes up there.  The closet is big in their bedroom but I am not sure if it is big enough for 5 kids clothes.  
  • When it was nap/movie time, I walked in the bathroom and the light flicked off.  I thought "goodness, Robby now has 2 lightbulbs to change and he has to do this one tonight."  And within seconds, I heard the kids screaming-the power had indeed went off.  It actually happened at a perfect time because Reagan and I were able to sit down and work on her oral report.  And just as we were finished, the lights came back on in time for the kids to watch a movie before getting ready for tonight.
  • Some time during the day, Campbell decided to change her Halloween costume to Minnie mouse-that was fine with me since I hadn't purchased her costume so we were one ladybug short and plus one mouse.  Tonight we had another event to attend.
  • It was a Halloween party at Beebee's place.  They had quite the little party-games, face painting, popcorn, punch and even a cake roll (some people call it a cake walk but when it is at a nursing home, it is a roll due to all of the wheelchairs-ha, ha, ha!)   The kids had a blast-I even let them get their face painting-imagine the screaming that will happen when I have to scrub that off for Bible study in the morning.  And if their bags weren't full enough when it was time to leave, Beebee made sure that they had even more candy.
  • Back at home, we quickly put Keaton to bed but that didn't work so she was moved back down to the school room, kicking Whitman out of his new room.  Eventually she talked herself to sleep and the others followed-now just to find a bed for the little skeleton
  • And tonight, the kids did go to bed with glow sticks from Beebee's party-guess what happened?  Anderson's broke on him in his bed.  This caused a bit of a commotion but not nearly as much as last time.  Robby removed the broken glow stick but parts of Anderson's bed was still glowing later when I went to check on them.  He said that he didn't like it and was afraid it was going to drip on him.  

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