October 15, 2013

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  • Today was quite a day.
    Service Day at the Rice Depot!
     Campbell was so excited to go back to school that she was up before 7.  All she could talk about was going to school.  When Robby loaded up Keaton and Whitman in the car, Campbell was devastated that she wasn't getting to go with him.  I think she was upset because she was ready to go and didn't want to stay any longer at this house.
  • It was only about 5 minutes later when I loaded up my crew and we did head to take Campbell to school.  We made it a bit late and Campbell's class was singing in the hall.  She ran to Ms. Hannah and stood right beside her grinning from ear to ear.  We signed her out and noticed that she was plant helper today and then smiled and waved at her as we left.  
  • Reagan, Anderson, Graham and I met our homeschool friends at the Rice Depot.  As soon as we walked into the door, they had our first task ready to go.  There were piles and piles of bread for us to put into boxes.  The man showed the kids how to do everything and off they went-seriously, the kids ranging in ages from 8 on down worked and worked.  
  • The bread was almost expired and we were to check for mold.  (Moldy bread was going to a pig farmer.)  Then we stacked the bread into boxes and each box held at least 10 loaves of bread.  There was bagels, rolls, buns, bread, doughnuts-you name it, any type of bread you can think of.  We packed 61 boxes and they said that with a conservative estimate that would provide 6,100 servings of bread.
  • After that task, we put stickers on bags that would later be filled with rice.  This just was not nearly as much fun but the kids persevered-it was a bit challenging getting the stickers straight!  They estimated that we put stickers on 5,000 bags which would later go on to provide 60,000 servings of rice.  
  • The kids told me multiple times that this was more fun than school and I shocked them when I told them that it was also more important that school.  I went on to say that reading and math were necessary but serving others is how we serve God.  Then they asked if we could serve God every day.  
  • They were rewarded with all of their hard work with a trip to Rock Creek to play in the tubes for a bit with all of their friends.  We picked up Taco Bell on the way there and the kids were in heaven-a noisy heaven.  The noise level in that place went to max when our kids all came in and then when we left, you could hear a pin drop in that place.
  • We then went to pick up Whitman and Keaton who had been playing at Grannymom's house.  They had been pretty perfect and after a quick stop there, it was off to Nonna's house to pick up Campbell.  Nonna had picked up Campbell and they had spent the afternoon together.  So we all piled into her house for a bit.  
  • I guess that we have not seen Nonna and Pops in a while because when I set Whitman down on the floor, he looked around, his lip started quivering and then the poor thing started crying.  He quickly calmed when we picked him up and was back to his happy self but that was the first time he has had any separation anxiety-hope he doesn't fuss tomorrow for Bible study.
  • When we made it home this afternoon we did a bit of science while the little ones napped.  Then Robby came home and we finished our afternoon.  The kids watched movies and I hurried around the house doing my chores. 
  • Soon it was supper and afterwards we played a round of balloon volleyball.  That sure calmed the kids down!  Ha!  Next up was a viewing of the Price is Right.  Every time people would clap on the tv, Keaton would jump up and down while clapping-she did this so long that her hair was completely wet with sweat at the end of the show!  

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