May 10, 2014

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Soccer Week 6

  • My 2 early risers, Campbell and Graham, were the only ones sleeping upstairs last night so when they started talking before 7, I just let them talk.  They were so funny just chatting away with no one yelling at them to hush since it wasn't 7.  After a while, I heard footsteps and then Campbell shouting over the monitor "can we get up?"  I told her they could and soon they were downstairs.  They stayed with me just long enough for Campbell to put on her uniform and then they left me for the bonus room to find Robby.
  • He was almost finished so by the time I had my shower, he was also done and soon the crew was getting ready.  I tell you, 3 kids is nothing!  Ha!  Though we were still later than we have ever been to a soccer game-though we still made it in plenty of time.  
  • Graham and Campbell's game was first and they only had one extra player so they both spent quite a bit of time playing.  And by the end of the game, you could tell they were beat-especially Campbell.  Graham scored 2 goals but 2 other ones that he kicked would have gone in but the other team was in the circle.  He was pleased with himself and we were too.  My Campbell surprises me more each week they way she gets in the circle and even kicks the ball-she doesn't always kick in towards the goal but mostly out of bounds but a kick is a kick and for that we celebrate!
  • Then we had Anderson's game and they also did really well.  My Anderson even had a few kicks that were pretty close to the goal but just no goals for him today.  That is fine though because he really did well and helped his teammates out.  
  • And then we had Reagan's game.  She scored two times and has really come a long way-if she was just a bit bigger and faster she might just dominate.  Her team was all there today so Reagan wasn't able to play that much but she still enjoyed the game.
  • After the games-which the weather was perfect at, yet some of us are a bit sunburned-we stopped for lunch at the grocery store on the way home.  Yep, ice cream last night from the gas station and lunch today from the grocery store parking log-we are class folks!  They were having a tent sale so the hot dogs were cheap and so were the strawberries.  (It took me all afternoon practically to cut up all of those strawberries.)
  • At home, we played a short game of kickball before showers and then the kids rested for a few minutes before the boys headed to Wyatt's birthday party.  Robby took them and they had fun walking the plank, digging for treasure and dodging a few water balloons.
  • Then we met up at Dana's house to celebrate Grandpa's 82nd birthday.  Dana had delicious food and the kids were thrilled to cut into the tie dye birthday cake (which turned out very well!)  Reagan even wore her tie dyed shirt that she made last night at Kennedy's house.  
  • The kids spent most of the time playing outside with Lilly and Cash-on the trampoline, giving their gerbils a bath, scaring Whitman with a werewolf costume and playing some type of outside, war/dress up game (not really sure what they were doing.) The boys did both ride on Cash's electric scooter and have decided that they want ones for Christmas.
  • Robby ran an errand with the girls and I headed home to re-shower the boys.  I had Whitman in bed and the boys showered with clean teeth laying in my bed waiting on the girls to come home.  When they made it, they were quickly showered and everyone was put back into their own beds.  

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