May 9, 2014

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Above - the sad faces of those staying home tonight.
Below - the happy faces of those spending the night somewhere else.
  • However the night goes, the day usually goes...and last night started off rocky.  During the rain last night, around 10:30 as Robby and I were laying reading in bed, the lights went off.  The kids (as well as us) have a nightlight that kicks on as a flashlight when the power is off.  Around midnight we were almost asleep when we heard lots of commotion upstairs.  I grabbed my phone and used that light to get to the kitchen when I ran into Reagan-how she ever made it down the stairs, I will never know-this house is pitch black with no lights.
  • We went back up using the light of my phone and Campbell was hysterical. Poor thing was scared to death and in her frenzy she had woken everyone up.  I calmed her down and left my phone with Reagan so she could light up the room and I went down to get some flashlights for them.  So that meant I had to make it down the stairs without a light-I just about crawled down the steps but finally made it.  
  • I took our flashlight and gathered some more just in case it was a really long night.  Back upstairs I put their flashlight in the holder, calmed everyone down again and came back down.  Robby and I debated bringing them down to sleep in our room and thought that we would give it a few minutes before hauling 5 kids and blankets downstairs.
  • About 10 minutes later-beep, click and vroom-the lights all came back on.  I could hear Graham asking Reagan to fix their blinking clock and Anderson kept saying that their fan (which is on every single night) was too loud.  So back up the stairs I went to re-calm everyone down.  Thankfully, they were all able to get back to sleep and we did all sleep well.
  • I had pretty good leverage for good behavior today with the kids because 3 of them were spending the night away from and house.  Unfortunately, the 2 children who had the best behavior today were the ones that were staying here-Graham and Whitman.  
  • School was fine and my Graham who took an hour and 10 minutes to do one page of math yesterday was finished with his math because I even came into the school room today.  We did our reading and the morning went fairly smoothly.  We played math uno and the kids were so excited about playing-I think they have forgotten even playing read uno so I might just have to pull that out soon.  
  • Then it was time to bake-we made a birthday cake.  I had my camera ready to take pictures but my hands were too busy and too messy to get any shots.  Let's just say there was so much batter everywhere but the cake pan that the cake is so tiny, I had to make a second dessert.  It was a mess-even Reagan ended up with batter in her hair and had to change clothes.  I am very glad that the kids are so good about pitching in and cleaning up the kitchen after making such a mess cooking-I didn't even have to ask or tell them what to do.
  • Then we made some cookies using a recipe from pinterest.  The concept was cute and but the cookies weren't great.  They had to look up a Bible verse to find out what each ingredient was (we did substitute chocolate chips for raisins but the mix had way too much oatmeal in it.)  
  • After our cookies, everyone did their chores.  I had asked my boys to pick up the living room and they were fooling around hitting each other with pillows.  I got on to them and Anderson said that it was "too hard."  "Too hard? Too hard? Picking up the living room with 5 things on the ground is too hard? You want hard?  Picking up the toy room is hard.  Go pick up the toy room!" might possible have been my response.  This quickly caught his attention and he did pick up most of the toy room along with shedding many tears.  I talked to him about his "grumbly hateful" attitude and soon he was his happy self again.
  • Soon it was 2 and time for our to leave on our adventure-first we dropped off Anderson at Nonna's house to spend the night.  Then we dropped of Keaton at Grannymom's house to spend the night.  Next, we picked up Alyssa Kate and then dropped her and Reagan off at Kennedy's house to spend the night.  Two hours later, we made it home and I was just about to lose my mind-my Campbell had complained, whined and fussed the entire trip-not happy with her seat, not happy I wouldn't let her get out, not happy she couldn't go in anywhere, not happy that she wasn't getting to spend the night, not happy that I made her wear shoes...and it just goes on.  Thankfully, after I told her that she was not to speak until we made it home (should have told her that much earlier in our trip) she finally fell asleep and woke back up as her sweet little Campbell.
  • Campbell and Graham watched a few movies while Whitman slept this afternoon.  And when Robby came home, we went to try a new catfish place.  The food was really good and I guess that Robby is used to ordering for all of us and since we were down 3 kids tonight, we have lots leftover for another meal or two or three.
  • On the way home, we stopped at the gas station to get a milkshake-we are country folk now and embrace it.  Then we let Campbell and Graham stay up for a bit-they were being so quiet how could we not let them stay up.  After we tucked them in, they were asleep in minutes-tomorrow is a big day-soccer and birthday parties!

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