May 16, 2014

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  • Oh, I really like summer-the kids were up late and then they ignored me and went right upstairs to watch Robby finish his run.  Actually, our morning could not have gone any more perfectly-probably helped that there were left over doughnuts from yesterday that they all devoured for breakfast.  Everyone had a whole doughnut then they could only have a half and then there was 1/4th left for a few more lucky folks.
  • Today was the first day that the kids did their complete summer chart.  They all read for 20 minutes (Campbell did her reading book with me), everyone did math on the computer, the big 3 wrote in the summer journal, we all read a few stories (we did skip our memory work-I haven't gotten all of that together yet) and then they worked on their chores.  I know the new will wear off and soon this will all be drudgery for them but today there was much excitement in the air.
  • At 10:30, we loaded up and headed to go and see Beebee.  She was in a fine mood and passed out the candy-though the candy level was a bit low and there was little that poor Whitman could have so he was not altogether pleased about this prospect.  He now sees Beebee's candy bucket and starts kicking his feet since he knows that something yummy is inside.
  • Hank was even there and he left for Nonna's house the same time that we did so the boys rode back with him.  They were beyond excited-I can remember Jason being that excited when Hank came to visit when we were little.  At Nonna's house, I brought spaghetti for my crew (since we had been putting off eating it for days and it was now finally time to eat it!) and Hank, Nonna and Pops had some too.  Though when I opened the lid today, I noticed that some of the noodles were greenish-I started to silently panic...until I realized that I had bought the noodles that were the colored garden type.
  • While the kids watched tv and played at Nonna's house, I tried to go through a few more bags of clothes.  Yesterday, I managed to go through 4 bags of clothes with only Campbell there but today it was only 2.  I did have Keaton, Campbell and Reagan all trying on clothes, looking at clothes and talking about clothes there with me.  Whitman would even come in occasionally to lay in the  middle of our pile.  The boy even ended up trying on clothes himself and wore some shorts home.  Keaton wore a princess dress and a pair of way too big crocs home but she was so excited about her find!
  • We were at home for a bit-long enough for naps, tv time and treadmill time for me and then it was time to drop off Whitman.  Tonight was his big night to spend the night at Grannymom's house.  I hope that he slept well-he didn't look too happy when we drove off but some of the kids saw him clapping as we rounded the corner.  That turkey probably had a blast getting some undivided attention.
  • We then headed to the Pennington's house for supper but on the way we passed the Greek Food Festival and saw a sign that said "drive thru."  Well, we just had to check that out and ended up ordering 2 orders of baklava and some hummus.  It was all very, very good and we munched on it as we went to our dinner.  The kids turned their noses up at the hummus but the 3 big kids did try and liked the baklava-and then I challenged them to find Greece on the map (I will have to remember to ask them about where it is.)
  • The kids had a blast at the Penningtons-they loved playing outside and we loved them all being outside! It was quiet and pleasant inside and the adults were able to sit around the table and talk and talk...we even stayed at the table until it was time to head home.  First, we did sing Happy Birthday to Camryn  who was celebrating her 8th birthday.  
  • On the way home, we had to talk to the kids to keep them awake!  But once at home, they were able to stay up and listen to a Bible story before bed.  They better sleep well-tomorrow will be another big day!

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