May 29, 2014

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  • I think this might have been our first true summer day that we haven't had anything else to do.  It was fairly odd to me-I was almost a bit bored.  Robby didn't run first thing in the morning so the kids hung out in our room for a while.  As we were laying there, we heard someone emptying the dishwasher.  My Graham was already on top of his list and before I got myself out of bed, he had finished his chores and was working on his summer school work.
  • The other kids were not too far behind him.  We had pancakes and waffles for breakfast and then the kids finished working on their lists.  Campbell cleaned most of the kitchen chairs-I don't know if your chairs are like mine but they get so sticky.  Keaton helped with the chairs that Campbell didn't clean.  I know my chairs are not perfectly clean now but I was just hoping that they would be a little bit less sticky.
  • The kids all read and I helped Campbell with her reading book and soon afterwards, Campbell and Keaton painted.  Since things were fairly calm (except for Whitman who continuously grabs my broom, trash bags, the empty syrup bottle from the trash, my pots and pans and anything glass that he can get his hands on over and over while I am in the kitchen) I decided to make some bread (a new recipe) but once I had all the ingredients out I discovered I didn't have eggs.  So I decided to make another type of bread but that needed eggs too.  
  • I decided to cut all of the kids fingernails and even painted the little girls nails.  Our to do list was growing shorter so I worked some in the school room filing papers in the file cabinet.  I still have more of that to do tomorrow but quit because Whitman, Campbell and Keaton insisted on playing in the closet where I was trying to file papers-and that was just too many helpers.  When I left the school room, I looked at the clock and couldn't believe that it was not yet 10-I think this was the longest morning ever!
  • At 10, I put Whitman in bed for his nap and then started a game of Math Uno with the kids.  Anderson didn't play because he was too busy playing upstairs but he did come down eventually and took over my spot.  I was busy helping Keaton who quickly loses interest but still wants to play and Campbell also needs help staying on task.  Graham was the winner and he has won every single time that we have played that game-I have no idea why that has happened!
  • I did my treadmill time and when I was finished, Robby was finishing up making lunch for the crew-I just love his work from home days.  After lunch, the kids played while we tried to figure out a supper menu and grocery list.  Around 1, Keaton started crying because she wanted to go to bed-nap time is usually at 2 but who am I to deny her an early naptime?  Of course that meant that Whitman was sent to bed too (we are sure not going to have two different nap times happening-that doesn't help anyone)
  • During their naps, we worked on going through more of Robby's clothes-2 full laundry baskets to the garage sale pile and another full laundry basket to the trash bin.  Don't worry, he still has plenty of clothes to wear but when it is garage sale time, someone who is the right size will be in luck.
  • It had rained off and on all day long-this absolutely drove the kids crazy because they were anxiously awaiting our answer to if we were going to get to go swimming tonight.  When we were loading up to go swimming, Dana called saying that it was raining at the pool.  We said we were still coming and just a few minutes later, she text saying that the pool was closed and we said we were still coming!  We had hot dogs for supper and just went to her house.  The kids all ate their hot dogs and then they played in the front and my little ones enjoyed walking the dog up and down the street.  
  • We had thought about going to the grocery store on our way home but decided that we were not that crazy-trying to take 6 kids swimming on a rainy 60 degree evening is a bit strange but taking 6 kids grocery shopping is just mad so we hightailed it home and put those kids to bed...after a snack, a Bible story movie, teeth brushing and a Bible story.

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