May 1, 2014

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Brush those teeth!

  • The kids (mainly Graham) were up and going strong before 7 again this morning.  I don't know how he wakes up-there room is dark, very dark even in the middle of the day but at night it is pitch black.  Graham along with everyone else briefly stopped in our bedroom and then made their way back upstairs to the toy room for a few minutes before breakfast.
  • Today was Campbell's school day and her and Keaton were quickly dressed and ready to head to school.  Campbell's hands were full this morning with things to take to school-zoo permission slip, rsvp for a lunch, a tape measure for show and tell and her oral report.  She has so been waiting to tell her report to Ms. Hannah and I think my Campbell was pretty proud of herself.
  • Robby and Keaton stayed to hear the singing and soon they were back home.  Anderson had somehow taken a year and a half to do 3 math problems so after everyone else finished, I just worked with him to get him out the door.
  • I busied myself inside until time to go and get Campbell.   When it was time to go and get her, Keaton was the first to volunteer to go, then Reagan joined us and then Anderson did.  Graham was busy helping Grannymom work so he stayed behind.
  • Campbell was glad to see us-so glad that she licked the window of her classroom...they all can't be perfect.  She talked most of the way home about what she had done all day and what her afternoon plans were going to be. 
  • The first of the afternoon plans were spaghetti lunch for all.  I do believe that anything you eat at a picnic table is extra good and the spaghetti today was indeed extra good.  Everyone ate up...possibly because they wanted one of Grannymom's cookies.
  • We were in the yard all afternoon long and the kids had a great time just being kids.  I wish I had gotten pictures but I was busy working myself.  They had a dirt city building contest.  There was lots of spraying of the water hose and even some raking.  Reagan worked today with Grannymom more than we have ever seen her work.  They caught butterflies and even played some kickball.  And you should have seen them race to open a box delivered by the UPS man when I said that it was for them-kickball bases!
  • Oh yes, while Grannymom and the kids were playing kickball, Whitman was happily and safely swinging in his we thought.  We heard him whimper or possibly heard Keaton say something but he turned to look and saw my sweet baby hanging by his leg with his head dangling down out of the swing.  We took off running towards him.  Sprinting the 50 yards, we arrived grabbing Whitman before he went splat!  Poor child but he quickly recovered and was happy to be put in the wagon and not back in the swing!
  • Finally, we had to spray off the kids-really, spray them off before we let them come in for showers.  After showers, everyone picked up for a few minutes and then the kids played a bit on their kindles while I cleaned up.  Robby was done with work and we then dropped off those lovely kiddos for a bit at Nonna and Pops' house.
  • The kids played outside-on the swings, on bikes, kickball and inside-with the tent, making popcorn, eating cookies and drinking juice.  Robby and I ran to a few stores and even ate out before picking up the kids.
  • Once we got them home, it was then shower time again for them since a few of them were a bit stinky-we couldn't figure out who was stinky so everyone was showered.  Soon it was bedtime for all of my tired Dennie crew.
  • Oh yes, my high of the day was tonight during the second showers of the day.  Reagan was happily showering in our little shower when Whitman crawled through an open door and headed to the shower.  Anderson, being the good big brother that he is, tried to stop Whitman and as he pulled on Whitman they both fell over into the shower with Reagan.  Anderson got his bottom wet but his ego was hurt more probably from me doubling over howling with laughter.  

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