May 30, 2014

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Helpful Helpers!

  • Again this morning, chores were being done by Graham right at 7.  I do not know where he gets his obsession to mark things off of his to-do list.  Ha!  Just kidding, I know exactly where he gets it-from me.  I even write things on my list just so I can immediately mark them off.  I think we are going to have to make the kids not do chores until after breakfast time-that is probably not a rule in most people's houses.
  • After breakfast, my Keaton and Campbell emptied the dishwasher-they were the cutest things ever.  Keaton would take a plate out and hand it to Campbell who would then put it on the counter. They would do this for each and every item in our crammed full dishwasher.
  • Soon everyone was up and Keaton was asking non-stop if "it was almost eat time" and Campbell was begging to go and wake up Whitman.  My answer just about every morning is after my shower and today was no different.  We were all sad to see Robby go to work this morning and more sad to see the rain again today-I was also constantly asked if we were going to get to go to the pool this afternoon.
  • This morning also seemed like it lasted forever.  I had the kids work on a project in the school room, Campbell and I practiced her reading book, I was able to file in the school room some and the house was fairly picked up.  It was a pretty good morning and after lunch the sun came out.
  • All during our afternoon activities the kids were notifying me of the weather-the sun shining, the sun not shining, rain, no rain-and each time I was notified, I was asked if we were going to get to go swimming.  My answer consistently was that I did not know.  A bit after Robby came home, it started pouring and even the kids knew then that swimming again was not an evening option.
  • We needed something exciting to do this evening so we went to McDonalds-thrilling huh?  The kids loved playing and practically took over the tubes there.  After we ate, even Whitman got in on the act and was able to play.
  • After the kids had their exciting activity, it was our turn-the grocery store.  We bought quite a bit which is surprising because the kids acted like maniacs in the store.  Oh, they probably weren't that bad but seriously, I wouldn't hesitate to take them to any restaurant but the grocery store behavior needs lots of work!
  • Once at home, we had the kids stay in the car and watch a movie while we quickly emptied the groceries.  Then the kids changed into their pjs and helped me finish putting up the inside in the house groceries.  And right before bed, I even let the kids have a cookie that I had made earlier in the day.
  • Then it was time for bed and during our Bible story, my Campbell fell out of her bed.  Seriously, how do you fall out of bed when you are laying still listening to a story?  As soon as she fell out, she looked at Robby and I who were glaring at her and she said "what?"  I silently laughed at my special Campbell for the rest of the Bible story.  

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