May 15, 2014

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A little help here?

  • I guess that this was the first official day of summer and I think that I like summer.  We were all still in bed at 7:40-of course this meant that a mad dash happened soon after that so we could get Campbell to school on time.  And this morning, Keaton wasn't the only one who got to accompany Campbell on the way to school-everyone else (except Whitman who was still snoozing) got to go too.
  • And of course, when Robby names his car the "party van" to help convince the kids to go with him, he had to really turn it into a party van and nothing does that better than a trip to Krispy Kreme for doughnuts.  Whitman and I worked as fast as we could around here to get things accomplished and even though we were marking things off of my list, it was really quiet around here.  Actually, as I was talking to Whitman I told him that I didn't remember ever only having one kid.  Whitman and I were getting lonely when the others came back home.
  • When they did arrive, they quickly started on their summer list.  Then there was massive fort building happening in the living room.  That was fine with me because they were playing happily-and of course whenever the kids are playing happily, it is always time to eat, time for bed or time to leave and today was no different, it was time to eat lunch.
  • I waited as long as I could to call them to lunch and then highly encouraged them to go back to their fort and continue playing as soon as we were finished with lunch.  They did play for a bit after and then someone spotted Grandpa outside so everyone quickly put their shoes on and ran out the door.
  • They played kickball, swang and rode scooter and bikes.  Whitman was out for a bit and then I put him to bed.  That poor guy wasn't feeling too great today-his nose is running and he might even have some fever.  But after a good nap this afternoon, he perked up quite a bit and had a much better evening.
  • I ran to Nonna's house-they had picked up Campbell from school.  She had been busy over there but I joined them so I could work on some of the clothes that Sonia had sent.  I organized half of the clothes (I hope) while Campbell tried on some things and fetched me cookies from the kitchen.
  • Soon we headed back home and tried to figure out our afternoon plans.  Last week were going to meet Joie at Sonic but it was raining and around 4 today at our house the bottom fell out.  So we made a plan B.  Thankfully we didn't have to do our plan B and we braved the clouds to play at Sonic with them.  We took a towel and Robby wiped off all of the slides-Campbell and Keaton still managed to go down the wet slides before Robby got to them (ever after we told them not to) but they dried quickly.
  • The kids played and played and enjoyed playing with Joie's kids.  Anderson made sure that Theo had the ball plenty of times and then he came to get me when Josh was climbing up a high ladder.  He said "Mom, he is climbing up and I am worried."  Isn't that a sweet kid?  He was sweet and sandy-they all were covered from head to toe in sand so not only did they have showers but they had to take their clothes off in the garage-probably should have taken their clothes off before they climbed in the van at Sonic.  
  • Showers at home and then bed time.  I did accidently put Keaton in pajamas that make a sound when you push a button on them...that probably won't end too well!

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