May 3, 2014

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Soccer Week #5

  • Usually on soccer mornings, Robby calls the kids down on the monitor and we can quickly hear the patter of their feet above us.  Not so today.  He called once and we did hear some quiet feet and soon Reagan appeared.  He called again and not a sound was heard and when he called a third time, still no one.  He had to go up there to wake the others up.  My babies were tired-I guess that we stayed outside too late last night but kickball needed to be played.
  • Everyone was quickly in their uniforms and the cinnamon rolls were in the oven as Robby and I folded a load of laundry.  The laundry must have been what put us behind because we were having to have the kids cram those cinnamon rolls in their mouth and run to the car.  We still made it to the soccer fields on time-with us we are early or late and today was still early even though we really had to hurry.
  • Graham and Campbell's game was first and the weather was just perfect today.  It was pretty sunny and could get warm but there was a perfect breeze that would come along just as you needed it to cool you off.  Graham and Campbell again did very well.  My Grahammy did score a goal and my Campbell even got a few kicks in.  There was one point scored that I (sitting across the field) was pretty sure that she kicked in the goal (Robby who was out on the field said that she didn't) but I like to think it happened my way anyway.
  • Next up was Anderson's game.  My Anderson and his team have been a bit too cocky and this team brought them back down to earth.  I do think that the score was tied and as Anderson has been saying there are "still undeafeatable."  Anderson looked like he was running in slow motion today-he later said that someone kicked the back of his foot and that was hurting him but I am not sure.  So slow motion boy didn't score any goals but he still did really well.
  • Reagan's game was last and by this game, my Whitman didn't want anything to do with his stroller nor did he want anything to do with anyone who planned on holding him.  He wanted to walk and walk he did...into the field every chance that he could get.  Reagan's team also had to work hard for their win...though I am not really sure if they won or not.  Reagan thought they won by 2, Anderson thought it was a tie and I thought that they lost-I think they need a scoreboard.  Either way, Reagan enjoyed playing and she would have played another soccer game right after that one-she just loves it.  And she did score a point today too-not the 23 that I had asked her to score.  
  • As the buzzer buzzed on Reagan's game, we were loading the kids up in the car.  We rushed to McDonalds so Robby could run in and grab us some grub.  On the way home, we turned off the movie and kept reminding the kids to eat so their tummys would be full.  Then we hurried them through the showers like an assembly line.  The boys all showered upstairs, the girls showered downstairs and Whitman slept in the running car until Robby got in the shower and he joined him.  
  • It was a quick turnaround-about 30 minutes at home and showers for all 8 of us.  The kids grabbed something to drink and then they all loaded up in the car.  I loaded up the bags and then I climbed in and we sat and we sat.  Finally, I went in to check on Robby who hadn't come out yet.  That poor boy was trying to find some wedding clothes that wouldn't fall off of him.  You wouldn't believe all of the clothes that he tried on and were laying in the floor of the closet.  He finally found something that he could cinch up and we were on our way.
  • Our Children's Minister got married today so Reagan and Anderson have been really excited about the wedding.  Whitman and Robby hung out in the back for the first part and then they walked the halls.  And I sat with the rest of the kids-Reagan, Anderson and Graham sat perfectly and could have been by themselves without a problem.  My other 2-Keaton and Campbell-well, they needed a few gentle reminders.  Actually, Campbell was very good and Keaton, well, not so much.  Ha!  One time after I got on to her, she laid her head on Anderson's shoulder and he just stroked her hair so sweetly.  I told Robby about this and Anderson overheard me and said "that is what big brothers do."
  • After the wedding, next was the part that the kids were really looking forward to-the reception and it did not disappoint-cupcakes and ice cream for the kids and salsas and dips for the grownups.  We ate until we were full and then changed clothes at church and headed to the next adventure.
  • Grannymom, Grandpa, Lilly, Cash, Dana and Jenna were waiting for us at Pinnacle Mountain.  When we drove up we saw that the fields were closed (as well as the bathrooms).  We were a bit bummed because this was to be a grand kickball tournament along with our picnic.  
  • But after a bit of searching Dana found a perfectly shaded spot that worked out so much better than the fields would have been.  There were a few mosquitoes but the few year old bug spray I had stashed in the car kept the bugs off.  
  • The kids played on the playground for a bit but all my boys could think about was kickball and it was pretty hot on on the playground so soon we were setting up the bases.  The game was on-Dana, me, Lilly, Reagan and Campbell against Grannymom, Robby, Cash, Anderson, Graham and Jenna.  Keaton would kick and run for either team, Grandpa was the spectator and Whitman walked around in the middle of the field holding his own ball.  It was a perfect evening for kickball and a picnic.
  • We had hot dogs during halftime along with dessert and then the game started back.  By the end, the grownups were pretty tired and we left around 7.  Notice I said that the grownups were pretty tired-the kids played a game of tackle frisbee as we were loading up the car.  They could have stayed out for another hour or two.
  • Once home, we had showers again-same arrangements as before-boys upstairs and girls downstairs.  Somehow though I ended up with Whitman making me have 4 kids to Robby's 2.  Though I guess you can't really count Reagan since she can do it all herself-though she has the oddest aversion to soaps, lotions, toothpastes so who knows if she is really getting herself clean or not. 
  • We gave everyone some milk but most of the kids were too tired to drink any and asked to go on to bed.  We brushed teeth and then put everyone to was a busy, busy day but tomorrow is going to be just as busy!  

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