May 5, 2014

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Watching soccer practice with Uncle Jason!

  • Yesterday at Will's birthday party, Kristi sent home leftover goodie bags for all of the Dennie kids.  Since we came home late from church and ice cream, I told Graham that everyone could have them in the morning.  We had left them in the mudroom and when Graham woke up he came and asked if he could move them to the kitchen.
  • A few minutes later, I could hear him and Campbell opening their bags up and going through every single thing.  Those 2 set in the kitchen for 30 minutes talking quietly even blowing their new whistles quietly (whistles-who would put whistles in a goodie bag?)  Soon the others all came down and another 30 minutes was spent in the kitchen.  The kids did come in every once and a while asking me to open something or if they could eat their candy (of course my answer was yes since they were being so good).  All of this goodie bag business bought me and Robby an extra hour laying in the bed.  So tomorrow, I will have another set of goodie bags waiting for the kids in the kitchen-wonder if that would spoil them, goodie bags every morning.  It would definitely spoil me...spoil me with lots of extra sleep!
  • Robby left for work and we had our breakfast.  Everyone ate well this morning-Keaton had a banana, applesauce, milk (her second cup of the morning-she had snuck one earlier and told Anderson "don't tell Momma) and cheerios (remember that for my next story).  The kids all then started school and things were going fairly smoothly until Keaton walked in the room with another bowl of cheerios.  I let her have them but told her no more food.
  • A few minutes later she came in with fruit loops and I took them away from her.  This led to a fit (rolling around on the floor and gnashing of teeth).  Minutes later she was back with milk followed by a fit when I put it up.  Then she started eating someones lollipop which I had to throw away and finally it was a pop tart that she climbed on the cabinet to get a plate for and walked into the school room with it behind her back.  Gracious me!  That child is not hungry at all but I think she might possible have worms.
  • Despite all of Keaton's food drama and our hour late start, we still managed to finish school and read some before lunch.  I woke Whitman up before I made lunches and he just walked around the others who were all (yep, all 5 of them) sitting on the couch playing on kindles.  Whitman would just go from sibling to sibling trying to take their kindle out of their hand.  For some reason, they always play their kindles like this-huddled in a group.  I don't understand it since they are all playing separate games and they don't have to be near each other.  Though it did work out well later in the day when I trimmed finger and toenails.  I just went from kid to kid without having to move at all!
  • After lunch we did our chores-today there was mostly laundry which Reagan expertly puts away after I folded it, Anderson vacuumed the entire downstairs (not sure how well he did but Robby did notice that the house had been vacuumed), Campbell worked in the toy room and Graham helped me organize and put away our heaviest winter coats and put some away for the winter (only keeping out our light jackets)
  • Later I did my treadmill turn while the others watched their movies.  We saw last night on tv that people that exercised for 45 minutes lived longer than people that exercised less or even more.  So I did my do for 45 minutes today instead of my usual 30.  But the last 15 minutes, I really started to wonder if I wanted to live that long anyway-do I really want to be 100? Outlive all my friends? Or maybe I am just lazy and don't want to be on the treadmill anymore than usual.
  • Soon it was time to rush around for soccer practice.  We ate our supper (pizza and nachos) and then loaded up for practice.  The kids did good tonight-lots of running and all 4 Dennie players played with Robby's team during the practice long scrimmage.  They were tired, tired kiddos.
  • Back at home, it was shower time and then bedtime.  My Whitman was a bit fussy (screaming) so I went in to check on him and found a diaper blow out.  I changed and doctored his bottom and hope he will go back to sleep....but right now it doesn't sound like it!

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