May 28, 2014

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Good Morning Arkansas appearance!

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  • At 6:45 this morning, I heard a loud "ker-plunk" above my head.  By the "ker-plunk" I knew that it was Keaton throwing herself out of her bed.  From the chaos that ensued, I could tell that she finally found a place to stay in Reagan's bed.  I told them that they could get up and soon there were many "ker-plunks" as all of their feet hit the floor.  
  • Today was a big day here at the Dennie house-pop tart day...and being on a live tv show.  Dana had been mentioning that this day was coming and I tried to ignore and forget about it all that I could.  The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to absolutely throw up (or that could have been from the large shake I had last night)  
  • By 8, we were all dressed and drove to Baptist to pick up Dana and then downtown to pick up Robby.  Then we drove to the studio and sat in the car for a few minutes while waiting on our turn.  We stayed in the car for as long as we could and then we walked around for a bit while waiting on our call to enter the studio.  The studio was a bit small so they waited until almost our time for us to come in.
  • The kids were all in their Sunday clothes and looked pretty nice.  We had talked about the importance of doing the right thing, sitting up straight and I do believe that the listened to us (this time)  When it was time to go into the studio, the kids all marched in and sat right down on the couch.  I was mic-ed and we sat on the couch during the segment before us.  The kids sat perfectly still during this segment-including Whitman.  
  • Then there was a short commercial break and it was our turn.  Here is a run down of everyone-my Anderson is not a smiler and has never been.  So he didn't smile much today but intently took everything in that was happening.  Next was Graham who happily grinned the entire time.  Robby was back pretty far but the one child that he could see perfectly was Graham...and Graham could see him too which probably helped with his sitting still and grin.  
  • Campbell was right beside me (oh, I probably wouldn't have arranged the kids like this but I didn't really have time to think things through)  She did very good and tried to help with Whitman some.  My Whitman quickly became tired of sitting down and since you can't reason with a one year old.  He did sit in my lap some but also walked around a bit which was completely fine.
  • Keaton was between her two big sisters and she tried to sit still but she is 2.  She had the cutest little grin on her face when she waved at Dana who was behind the cameras.  Reagan was sitting by Keaton and helped her keep her dress down and was so motherly with her little sister.  My Reagan probably enjoyed her tv appearance a bit too much-diva!  She was sitting perfectly and even answered well when the host asked her something similar to "how do you feel about having all of these brothers and sisters? I bet you love them all."  Reagan quickly answered "some of them."  She also said that her favorite trips were Disney World and Disneyland.  (The kids are pressing Robby hard to get us there sooner rather than later.)
  • And now to me-I didn't make a fool of myself so that is a good thing.  I really don't know what I said at all-I was trying to take in being in a tv studio, hold Whitman, watch Keaton and Campbell out of the corner of my eye and make sure that I made some sense while speaking.  My biggest fears was that we were going to end up on a comedy reel full of local news clips-thankfully that didn't happen.  
  • After our segment was over, we filed out of the studio and collectively breathed a sigh of relief!  I believe that my kids knew the importance of what we did this morning and it stressed them out.  Because once we arrived back home, they were horrible! (not all of them-just most of them)
  • Every day the kids write a bit in their summer journal and Graham always does this without complaint.  But today it led to a screaming fit that lasted for 30 minutes.  He did come down and apologized and finished his tasks but was a bit off for the rest of the day.  My Whitman was just a bit too clingy this afternoon and Campbell completely fell apart when she lost a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors (or course you are going to lose when you pick scissors every single time-the other kids catch on to things like that really, really quickly!)
  • Before Campbell's meltdown, she was on the phone with Nonna and Campbell straight up asked Nonna to bring lunch over.  It was already noon but Nonna said that they could so we started on our chores early while we waited on lunch to arrive.  (I was going to make lunch but who passes up a pre-made lunch)
  • To celebrate, Nonna and Pops brought Happy Meals for the kids-I don't even know when the kids had eaten Happy Meals last.  And some of the little people didn't even know that there were toys inside-it was a truly a great lunch-one that I probably can not top tomorrow or the next day!
  • The kids enjoyed eating with Nonna and Pops and they were thrilled to watch their tv appearance one more time with Nonna and Pops.  When the little kids went down for naps, the big ones watched tv while I did my treadmill.  I guess the treadmill was the last thing for me to do because Keaton was awake before I finished.  Campbell came to tell me so I had to go and get Keaton and when I was downstairs, I heard that Whitman was awake too so my run was cut short (that was fine because I was already pretty tired.)
  • Before too long, it was time for supper followed by a quick meeting at church.  The kids had to sit through the meeting and Whitman talked more than the speaker.  He was just jabbering away-I actually had to keep shoving milk, toys, food, anything into his mouth to keep him quiet for a few seconds.  
  • After the meeting, we took the kids to sonic (not to play) but to have milkshakes.  Having milkshakes was a really special treat-Anderson was the only one to finish his milkshake (along with Skinny (I mean Robby) and me)  Skinny won't be skinny to much longer if we keep running to Sonic-but today was our last shake run for awhile.  
  • Once at home, we put on pjs, brushed teeth, read our Bible story and headed to bed.  Just a minute ago, I went upstairs for Anderson to do his breather and Campbell and Graham were already asleep-it has been a big, big day!

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