May 23, 2014

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Today, all the Dennie kids adventured to Altitude Trampoline!

  • Friday morning here and things moved pretty slow.  We did manage to make some chocolate chip muffins for breakfast-Reagan had asked me last time if we could make muffins on her easy bake oven so I had to let her this time.  We just made one batch on that since we would have still been cooking muffins tonight if we only used that for our breakfast.
  • Robby disappeared for awhile this morning and came back in all sweaty and said that he needed my help with something.  I had no idea what he was doing but quickly realized when I followed him outside that he was working on cleaning out the car.  My car and all of the car seats seems to quickly get filthy.  By the time that Robby was finished, everyone was ready and we headed out for our "errands" that we told the kids we were going to run.
  • Robby had told the kids that we would go bowling once he reached a certain weight.  He is now below that weight so it was time to claim their reward but we decided that jumping at Altitude before school was our would be the best idea (we will go bowling later in the summer).  We didn't tell the kids because we wanted to make sure that it wasn't too crowded today and when it wasn't crowded we pulled into the parking lot.
  • As we pulled in, we started listening to the kids and waiting for someone to notice where we were.  We were out of the car before they finally realized where we were.  Graham was so looking forward to spending the night with Nonna that he was really dreading our "errands" so Robby did offer to run him over to Nonna's house if he didn't want to jump-ha!  They were all so excited and could hardly stand still while waiting in the line.
  • Robby even jumped with the kids and they all had a wonderful time.  My Keaton held her own and was a hoot to watch jumping into the foam pit.  She would jump, jump, jump and then easily let herself down into the foam.  I had Whitman duty so I didn't jump but I really, really wanted to jump in that foam pit-so I had Robby jump into it for me.  He said that it wasn't that wonderful.
  • As the kids ran off to play, Anderson took Campbell by the hand and said "I will show you around."  How sweet is that child?  We stayed there for what seemed like hours and then headed to Nonna's house.  I worked on sorting clothes while Robby worked on Pops' phone and the kids ate their Arby's that we had picked up.
  • After playing a long while, we headed home without our Graham.  He could not wait to see us drive off!  Once at home, Whitman tried to take a nap but soon was up.  And after a few movies, we kicked everyone out so we could straighten the garage some.  
  • It wasn't that hot so we were able to stay out for a while.  The kids played everything imaginable outside-even Whitman who enjoyed holding a water gun walking around just like the big kids.  Eventually, we had to bring everyone inside for a good scrub down and then supper.  
  • Oh, yes, while we were outside, I tried again to make my bread-another fail.  It taste good but didn't really rise that much when it was baking.  It rose the first time I let it rise, then I punched it down like it said and let it rose more and it did.  But then when I baked it, it didn't grow at all-oh, well I just may not be a baker.  I will try one more time yet this bread is still very good and the kids kept asking me for more even after we had eaten our supper.

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