May 20, 2014

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Soccer Super Stars!

  • The kids are starting to sleep in a bit more each day...or maybe I am (but I wasn't that last to wake up)  The boys both watched tv with Robby as he finished up his run. Campbell had to go to school this morning so everyone waved to see her off-waving would probably more aptly be described as yelling and running up and down the sidewalk-it is such a good thing that we live in the country.
  • Sometime during the morning, I looked at the clock and it said "8:30."  I was pretty convinced that clock had not been changed to the proper time and thought it was really 9:30.  So when I did find out that the clock was right, I was thrilled about what all we had done that early in the morning.  
  • And seriously, the kids are still working hard on their summer charts.  Every day everyone is doing a bit of math, writing in a journal, reading and even doing lots of chores.  It is kind of nice all of the things that we can get done around here when we are not doing real school.  
  • At 11, we all hopped int he car to go and pick up Campbell.  The big 4 had dentist appointments and everyone did very well (we hope, we stayed in the lobby).  I handled Whitman who decided that he didn't want to be in his stroller and Robby entertained Keaton.  Reagan's teeth are the ones that we worry about the most but everyone, including her, got a thumbs up.  And early this morning, Graham came running to me showing that he now has his first loose tooth-he is thrilled!
  • After the dentist, we picked up lunch and ate at Grandpa's house as Robby worked on Grandpa's computer.  The kids devoured their lunch-Mexican and then moved on to eating all of Grandpa's cookies.  They had a few minutes to play and then we all loaded up again.
  • This time we stopped to vote-and vote for Pops' friend, David Sterling.  The kids enjoyed voting and the stickers that were passing out made my Keaton very happy.  I can always remember going to vote with my folks growing up and hope the kids remember going to vote with us.
  • At home, we watched a short film on Noah since they read about his last night.  Then the little folks took a nap and the big folks (Robby and I) took a nap while the in between folks watched a few movies.  
  • Before too long, it was time to hurry around to get ready for the soccer celebration.  We were in the car right at 6 thinking that we were even going to be early for the 6:30 start time.  Not too soon after we left the house, Robby realized that it didn't start at 6:30 but at 6!  Oh, well we were just a bit late and we still saw most of the program.  They had a magician (I think they call them illusionist when they are at a church!)  He was pretty entertaining and the kids were really impressed.
  • After it was over, everyone received trophies and Campbell could not have been more excited!  Then we headed to the watch party.  Downtown was a happening place tonight and parking was no where to be found so we ended up parking at Acxiom and walking.
  • The kids enjoyed the watch party-probably because of the Arkansas shaped sugar cookies and coke.  And the boys were very intrigued with the tv camera-you might have caught the back of my head-I am sure that you would recognize it from my past tv appearances! (ha!)  After Robby and I had eaten our fill of hummus and fancy pizza, we finally decided that we should leave to get the kiddos in to bed.  Nonna, Jason and Hank left when we did and Pops stayed to cheer on his candidate.  
  • Once at home, we found pajamas and then everyone went on to bed-another busy, yet great day!

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