May 7, 2014

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  • Bible study morning and the kids were up and ready again in no time at all.  This was good for me because I had lots to do this busy morning.  Robby started our breakfast and everyone was dressed and ready in time for the kids to have some time to play (after emptying the trash cans-tomorrow is trash day)
  • Today was our last Bible study and it was a pretty great year.  I could not be more impressed with the entire CBS program-especially the kids program.  (commercial over)  Though after our lecture today, they had share time...I am not a fan of share time of any kind.  I sat through it quietly with a smile on my face.  Then my friend sent a text suggesting that we sneak out.  I text back that we couldn't all leave at once and that they could go and I would take one for the team.  Then I rethought it and wrote back that I would just leave now.  So up I got and left my buddies sitting there.  It was already past time to leave and at least one of my kiddos were the last one in their class already.  (And no, I would never text in church.)
  • It has been working out well if we eat at a park and then go see Beebee.  This gives her time to eat lunch and the kids a bit of time to blow off some steam.  So today we went to Lilly's park and I thought things would go really well...I thought wrong.
  • Things were fine until after we ate.  Then Anderson pushed Graham on his elbow which is black and blue from skating yesterday.  Then Graham fell on his head and Anderson started crying when he was picked to be "it" in freeze tag.  I had then had enough and suggested/required that we take the short trail walk and then leave for Beebee's place.  Campbell fussed the entire time because she didn't want to go on the walk and Reagan had a melt down when her foot was rolled over by the stroller.  It was a good thing that I had just left Bible study or my reactions to all of this might have been a bit different.
  • I had to run in to the library today to pick up some books that I had requested.  The fine is pretty steep if you don't pick those requested books up within in a week and my time was up.  But this meant that I had to bring everyone in the library.  I debated if paying a 28 dollar fee would just be a better idea than us all going into the library.  I did decide that we could manage the library (I was a bit afraid of a mutiny because I wasn't going to let them pick out any books-I was already checking out over 20 that I had on hold and couldn't carry anymore and push a stroller.)  The kids did perfect and all tried their best to help me check out our books.
  • Then it was off to Beebee's place.  She was all dressed and in a good mood.  The kids were happy to tell her all about our busy day yesterday.  After a bit of visiting, Beebee had them pull out the candy and everyone was happy.  Even Whitman knows what is going on and has to have candy (I have to break up all of his but he let's the entire hallway know if I am not doing it fast enough.)  
  • Beebee told Graham that they would have to call and ask "Papaw" for some more candy.  She was referring to my Dad who the kids call Pops.  My kids called my grandfather who died last year Papaw.  So when she said this you could just see the wheels spinning in Graham's head trying to figure out how he was going to call and ask his dead great grandfather for more candy.
  • We finally left (when the candy was out) and headed home.  I needed gas for the car but it was nearing 3 and we had to leave again at 5 so I decided that it was worth the risk for 10 more minutes at home.  When we made it home, I was quickly put Keaton and Whitman in bed.  I was then getting things unloaded when I discovered a flood of ants in the mudroom.  There had been ants in the car this morning when I picked up our bags but couldn't figure out where they were from-I guess from the mudroom.  Campbell helped me spent quite a bit of time vacuuming up those ants and then emptying them out of the vacuum.  This was mostly what Campbell did all afternoon.  It was sweet and helpful until she started saying "die, die" as she vacuumed them up.
  • Soon Robby was home and we headed to church, a bit early so I could say something for a video (urgh, I do hate being in front of a camera and hearing my voice)  After church was over we let the kids play on the playground for a bit and then it was time to come home.  There was not immediate obedient when we said it was time to go so the ride home was done without a movie-my big kids can quickly tell when they are in big trouble and made sure that their behavior was excellent for the rest of the night.
  • Once at home, the kids had showers and then it was bedtime.  As I was tucking everyone in, the kids usually ask questions of some sort pertaining to the details of the next day or about something that happened during the day.  But Campbell asked tonight "why do people sit on logs sometimes and not on chairs?"  Oh my!

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