May 11, 2014-Happy Mother's Day

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Happy Mother's Day!

  • Mother's Day around here started off pretty perfectly.  I did set my alarm and saw that Robby was out of bed.  (Yes, I set my alarm-I really wanted my contacts on and my hair brushed for the pictures-even though it probably didn't look like it.) I figured that he was running since I couldn't hear him in the kitchen.  Why would I think he was in the kitchen?  Because I set out the waffle maker, syrup, plates and every other thing that one might need to bring someone breakfast in bed.
  • Robby actually wasn't on the treadmill-he was at shipleys buying me a chocolate filled doughnut.  Soon I did hear kids in the kitchen whispering and working on what they were going to carry down the hall to bring to me.  Finally, the door opened and in walked my crew carrying cards, presents, orange juice and a plate filled with waffles with strawberries on top, the chocolate filled doughnut and bacon.
  • The kids were so excited for me to read all of their cards and open up my gifts.  Reagan had made me a picture frame this weekend at Kennedy's house and there was a new ice chest for Whitman's diaper bag and a new Bible.  I am so excited about the Bible-I have been so wanting one that had larger margins so I could take notes in it-and now I do.  I even had the kids sign it on the front page!
  • Then we tried to take a sweet Mother's Day picture in the yard.  Reagan was perfect, Anderson was perfect, Graham was perfect, Campbell was perfect (well other than her finger up her nose), Keaton was perfect, Whitman was NOT perfect.  We knew pretty immediately that he wasn't going to be too keen for taking pictures but we did try anyway....they didn't turn out.  I will have to make a point to try again since I need a picture of me and my kiddos.
  • Then it was to church-we made it in time to see Nonna and Grannymom and wish them Happy Mother's Day.  Hank was even in town so that made it all the more exciting for my boys who love their great uncle Hank.  The kids even had time to hit up at least one candy man on the way through the sanctuary.  
  • Campbell's class had muffins for mom to celebrate Mother's day so after a bit in church, I had to slip out to go and get my muffins.  My sweet girl asked me what type of muffin I wanted and then she served me.  She was so proud but all too soon I had to leave to meet the others and go work in Keaton's class for worship care.  Robby and I were the only ones in there-first there was only 6 (6 of my kids doesn't seem like a lot but 6 2 year olds do seem like a lot) then there were 7 and 8 and then 9 and finally 10.  Eeek!  Thankfully, they were pretty calm and we only had a few squabbles (the kids, not Robby and me!)
  • Next up was lunch at Nonna and Pops' house.  The kids were again happy to see Hank and the boys had him sitting between them during lunch.  We had BBQ and after a bit it was time for Campbell and Reagan and I to leave for the McGuire girls' birthday party.
  • It was at a horse farm and the girls were able to pet the horses and even take a ride around the rink.  Reagan was one of the first to volunteer and Campbell was a bit skittish but really wanted to ride.  I made her wait her turn and when it was finally her turn, she jumped at the chance.  She wasn't at all afraid and when the lady (the poor lady that I had to put my Campbell on top of a horse) asked if she had ridding a horse before, I could see Campbell saying that she had.
  • They had a huge cake, opened presents and even had a pinata.  And when it was time to leave, we were given a jar of cowgirl cookies to make-so that it what we did tonight!  The others came home and unpacked all of our bags (it really is mother's day) and then the little ones had a nap while the others rested and watched a movie.
  • When we made it home, my big girls joined the boys and I sat down on the couch with Robby....and the next thing that we knew it was 6'o'clock-Whitman and Keaton were still sleeping so we sent folks to wake them up (yes, we weren't planning on leaving the couch for as long as we had to)
  • Then we heated up our catfish leftovers and made our cookies from the party.  Even though we had a pretty restful evening, the kids were still pretty tired so I read a few books (5) and then we put everyone to bed.  It was a pretty perfect mother's, am I going to eat a cookie or a doughnut for my evening snack....decisions, decisions.

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