May 21, 2014

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  • Anderson laid down beside me for a while early this morning, Keaton did as well and Graham stayed for a bit and then they all went upstairs...and I laid there in my quiet room debating whether or not to get out of bed.  I chose to not to get out of bed and paid for it by dreaming that I left Whitman on a plane by himself-that type of dream will get you out of bed pretty quickly.
  • I was able to get a few things picked up before Robby finished running and the awake kids came downstairs.  He then actually left before Campbell and Reagan woke up.  When Campbell did wake up, she went upstairs to find her Daddy-and he wasn't there.  She was pretty devastated that she didn't get to tell him bye so we quickly called Robby...and he didn't answer.  He called us back in a few minutes and by that time, I think that she had forgotten even being upset.
  • We had our pancakes and waffles for breakfast and then the kids started on their charts.  The big even this morning was finishing our Pocahontas book.  That means that we are now going to start on the Little House books and hopefully, we will finish those (some of those) before our trip.  And that leaves a Rush book from Nonna to read later this summer-or maybe I will just save it for our history.
  • I did my treadmill time early and let the kids watch a part of an early movie-which ended up causing all kinds of havoc during the rest of the day.  After that it was lunch time and then a few more chores were done before we saw the tree house man.
  • Some of the kids were on their way outside when they did see the tree house man and before I could put on shoes, even Whitman was out the door.  And that boy didn't just walk out of the garage-he ran.  And continued to until he was off of the driveway and in the rocks.  If Anderson would have let him, he would have kept going-he was so excited to get out of the house.  
  • The kids were out longer than the tree house man who was just spray painting for the people to come and check for wires/pipes and all that jazz.  So even later in the day, those people came and that was even more excitement for us country folks.  
  • Outside the kids worked mainly on bringing dirt up to the top of the tree house (I have clearly explained that the new tree house is not allowed to have dirt in it.)  And they did a bit of digging and swinging.  Keaton was swinging on her belly and flopped over the swing (I don't know how she did that) and bit her lip pretty good so it took her a while to calm down.
  • I took Keaton and Campbell in eventually to take showers while the others played kickball.  They had gotten some shower crayons and they used them and then the boys did-I thought I was never, ever going to get them out of the shower floor.  Seriously, I had to scrub for 10 minutes of my shower!
  • It was a pretty calm afternoon and a bit short because the kids had already eaten supper when Robby came home.  Then he let them watch a film from the Bible story they read about last night before we rushed off to church.
  • After church, we were able to finish the Bible story movie and then we had our ice cream truck that they missed on Sunday and then it was bedtime for this Dennie crew-field day is tomorrow!

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