May 22, 2014

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Field Day at Dennieland!

  • The kids were up early this morning and went right to the toy room-not to play but to clean.  Some of them had remembered what Robby had told them to do this morning.  Today was Field Day at the house and even though everyone would spend the day outside, we still wanted the house to be clean (and really, isn't it so nice when the house is clean?)
  • We rushed around this morning and Robby was out mowing way before the kids had started breakfast and as soon as they finished, I gave everyone a speech about what was expected for the next little bit and then I ran out the door to go and get my hair cut.  Yes, I normally wouldn't have scheduled an appointment for the morning of Field Day but next week, it looks like this Dennie crew will be on Good Morning Arkansas and I needed my hair cut before all of that!
  • I made it home to find all of the children dressed, all of the chores done, the school work accomplished, the house straight and the baby happy.  Robby hadn't been inside for very long and was still taking his shower so the kids had done all of this by themselves-maybe I should leave more often.
  • Soon our friends started arriving for Field Day (we had kept Campbell home from school so she could enjoy a full day of Field Day).  The Kamps, Powells, Stotts and Heltz were all there and this provided my kids with tons of buddies to play with.  The first game was throwing the circle noodle around the cones and then throwing them around the cones that Jodee and I had on our heads.  Then we threw footballs and pool noodles through hula hoops that were hanging between the trees.
  • Next up was the most anticipated game ever-doughnuts on the string!  I didn't get many pictures on this one because I was helping hold the string.  But I have never seen small children put a whole doughnut in their mouth like I did today!  Then the kids had a bit of free time before we had lunch.
  • Robby grilled hot dogs for everyone and we had chips, fruit and punch.  The weather was warm today but in the shade it was pleasant out and not incredible hot.  After the kids ate, they incessantly came to ask us about the water balloons.  We (the adults) continued our eating and chatting and stalled as long as we could.
  • And then it was time for the egg relay followed by the egg toss.  The big kids knew how to do it and did perfectly.  I don't remember who won because I was too busy watching Lily and Keaton.  They tossed those eggs back and forth and back and forth never moving more than 6 inches from each other.  As the other kids continued to step back and drop their eggs, Keaton and Lily were still tossing the eggs to each other until they were the very last ones playing.  I think they were both so proud of themselves.  
  • The water balloon toss and then the water balloon smash on your friend event.  Poor Sara had probably spent forever filling and tying those balloons and then they lasted for about 3 minutes.  Our last games were filling up the bucket with water only using cups with holes in it and then doing the same thing with squeezing water from a sponge.  
  • And some where during the day, we had tug of war.  The many girls easily beat the boys and then it was the adults vs. the kids.  Usually, we (the adults) try our hardest and yank and pull and end up with rope burn but this time, we just gradually let the kids down while watching them all fall on top of each other-that was more fun than the satisfaction of winning.
  • Some of our crew went home then but the rest of the crew had dessert (cookie bars and popsicles) before going on a trailer ride.  After the ride, everyone headed home and we stayed outside for a bit longer.  Eventually, we picked up and went in for showers.  
  • After our showers the kids napped and watched tv until time for us to leave.  Joie and her boys asked us back to Sonic and since it was 50 cent corn dog night, how could we say no!  The playground was full this week-last week it was rainy and cold but this week was perfect.  The kids played and played on the playground and sand.  We even let them play until 8-no, not because we are good like that but because that is when half price shakes start.  
  • As we were driving around to get our shake (salted caramel-yummy) we saw Nonna and Pops getting their nightly shake fix.  And then it was home again for showers-the kids second shower of the day and Robby ended up taking his 4th shower of the day (goodness, no wonder our summer water bills are always higher!)  Very, very good day!

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