May 24, 2014

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Mathews Family Reunion in Ratcliff, AR

  • Robby and I were both up before the kids.  He did wake Whitman up so he could get a shower and put his pajamas in the morning wash because his pjs have been soaking wet every morning lately-but of course after waking the poor guy up, his pjs were dry!  He still joined me in the shower for a bit and contently played.
  • Then it was time to wake up the others-they all made it downstairs with their clothes on and soon we were eating breakfast.  Robby and I still had many odds and ends to finish putting in the car-Whitman's seat, ice chest, clothes, camera-the poor kids usually sit in the car waiting for us at least 10 minutes each time we leave the house.  Now part of that is my fault since I usually use the time that they are all buckled in their seats to use the restroom-it is so nice to use the restroom in peace occasionally!
  • We zoomed right over to Nonna's house to pick up my Graham.  He had a big evening last night-playing games at Chuck E Cheese, going to Jason's house and then to IHOP for supper.  He picked what he did and chose the exact same thing as his brother did last time.  Graham was excited to tell us all about his night out and I do think that he remembered every single detail and told us about it.
  • Next up, we picked Grannymom and Grandpa up and then we made our way to Ratcliff.  The kids watched Frozen and this will perpetuate Campbell and Reagan's singing of Let It Go.  We have only really seen it once so they know few of the words but have just heard what seems to be everyone singing it.  The other night, they continued to sing and sing and sing the only words that they know "Let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go" over and over until Robby and I were just about to go absolutely insane.
  • When the movie was over, it was time to stop in Ozark to potty and then we drove around some looking at Robby's grandparents' houses.  At one house, the house that Grannymom was born in, we got out of the car.  I believe that cows had been staying in the pen nearby and it was quite smelly (bad enough that Whitman even complained with a squnched up face)  Grannymom said that she had never smelled the smell that badly but this will be all that the kids remember from the day-the horrible smell at Grannymom's old house.  
  • Then we stopped for lunch at the church with all of the rest of Grannymom's family.  There was quite a crew there and more bbq than I had ever seen.  The kids were in awe of all of the desserts that people brought.  We ate and then really ate desserts-my Reagan can put away BBQ and Anderson just about ate a whole peanut butter/chocolate pie by himself.  
  • The kids enjoyed walking around the outside of the church house.  We even went to the edge of the field out back and watched cows grazing and man, it was beautiful out there.  After a while, it was time for us to load up and head home.  On the trip home this time, the kids played their kindles some and then we put in Jurassic Park 3.   Grannymom and I didn't really watch Frozen but we could hardly keep our eyes off of that Jurassic Park movie-people were getting eating by dinosaurs left and right.  Hmm, hope all of the kids sleep well and don't have bad dreams!
  • We did stop at Dairy Queen on the way home for a treat-a pecan cluster blizzard for the big people and cones for the little ones.  The lady actually gave all of the kids their cones for free-we are going back there!
  • When we made it home, we left the kids at Grannymom's house for a few minutes and we ran to Target.  I bought a few shirts and Robby bought a much needed bathing suit-he didn't think it was wise to wear the bathing suit that he wore last year (40 pounds ago) for fear that he might lose his suit and then we would be kicked out of the pool!
  • Once at home, everyone had showers and then we had our what used to be weekly, but has turned into monthly, mexican food for supper.  We took that opportunity to discuss pool rules with the kids-um, I am sure that they will not remember any of it but at least we tried!  
  • Then everyone helped clean up the kitchen, gathered money for tomorrow's Feed the Need and then we watched a Bible story on tv.  All of the kids wanted blankets to cover up with tonight-the end of May and they wanted blankets (though I now have one over my legs)  After our show, it was bedtime for my road trippin' Dennies.

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