May 8, 2014

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  • The kids all slept in a bit this morning.  Campbell was the first one up and she made sure that she was the first one to check on the ants from last night (they were still gone.)  Campbell had to go and wake Keaton up this morning so she would be ready in time to go to school with her.  And my normally first one to wake up, Graham, was the last one to rise this morning.
  • We all waved bye to the girls and then started on our school work.  Some days Graham starts off perfect but other days he doesn't-this was one of those days.  It too him one hour and 10 minutes to do 20 math problems-nothing makes me crazier than that.  I sat beside him saying the next page of problems out loud to him to better keep him on task and he was finished within 10 minutes.
  • We are winding down school but are going to continue one more week to tie up all of the loose ends.  And we told the kids that we were going to do a spelling bee so we need to work on some of those words so the spelling bee can last more than 29 seconds.
  • Keaton finally made it back home in time to listen to our read aloud stuff.  And then we had a few minutes for laundry and wrapping 5 of the 6 birthday party presents for this weekend (us Dennies party all the time!)
  • Then it was time for lunch followed by chore time.  My big kids are accustomed to chores and never (usually) complain.  Campbell though asked tonight if we were going to do chores tomorrow and when we said that indeed we would, she started fussing.  Robby told her to start walking down the street and this upset the girl.  We then explained that we all do our part to keep this house running smoothly.  
  • I put Keaton down for a nap a bit early and then Whitman and I scurried out the door.  He had a PT eval to see if he has torticollis.  Two PTs were very nice and looked that boy all over but they decided he was pretty near perfect.  I think the did see what the doctor saw but they were not concerned at all.  Now my Whitman loved, loved the attention from everyone-he happily played with their basketball and walked all over the room.  I think they were pretty disappointed that he didn't need therapy so they wouldn't see him again.
  • Next Whitman and I picked up Campbell from Nonna and Pops' house.  Campbell stayed busy and everyone was outside looking at a turtle that she had found when we arrived.  She told us that it was a snapping turtle and I could have sat there for a long while watching Campbell try to pick up that turtle.  I convinced her to leave it at Nonna's house and then loaded up to come home.
  • When we came home, everyone headed outside to play while Robby finished mowing the soccer and kickball fields.  I worked on organizing the rest of the shoes in the house-the kids helped me do the shoes in their closet and in my closet this morning and this afternoon I went through the ones in the garage.  A few pairs were trash, others were still too big or now too small for folks so they were put up for later.  
  • Then we all hurried in the house for supper.  After supper the plan was to go to Sonic to meet Joie and her boys but the rain finally came at about the same time we were planning on leaving, so my crew was disappointed but we promised them ice cream truck and this pleased most of them.
  • The kids had showers and then they played upstairs for a while.  Robby and I went through half of his clothes-finding a laundry basket full of clothes that are now too big and will be put into the garage sale box.  Then it was ice cream truck-there was hot fudge, sprinkles, ice cream sandwiches and even kool aid.  It was a big party (almost as good as a Sonic trip.)
  • Next up was bedtime-while Robby said our evening prayers, Keaton was under a laundry basket crawling around the floor...silly thing!

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