May 19, 2014

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Wagon ride!
  • With everyone still recovering from a busy weekend - all were fast asleep until 7:45 except for Keaton. She managed to twist Robby's arm so she could sleep in our room again last night when she woke up around 10:15 last night.  She would still been asleep too but Robby decided for some reason to start doing the laundry that was in our bedroom floor (well, maybe he was searching for clean underwear after his run.)
  • Soon everyone was up and Graham was clamoring to do his "mom's choice" chore.  They are all loving the summer activity checklist - one of which is a chore of the day. (I'm sneaky like that.)
  • Breakfast was served, everyone worked on their list and managed to play in the toy room some and probably on their Kindles too.
  •  Then it was lunch (all we do here is eat) and soon Pops was calling.  They had a dish to return but maybe they were just missing seeing their grandkids.  They caught us playing "spoons" and were recruited to play a few games.  The kids had seen the women-folk playing spoons this weekend and were eager to learn how to play.  They caught on pretty good and enjoyed it quite a bit.
  • A few movies and snack in the afternoon while I ran and the babies napped.  Then it was time to scoot everyone outside.  Whitman and Keaton were up by now and all were ready to be outside.  A quick round of kickball and bike riding before Robby got home.  He swapped places with me as I got ready for Bunko.  They swung on the tire swing and played another round of kickball.  Popcicles were needed before everyone could come in for showers.
  • Supper (leftover pizza) and a few cookies and then Graham was ready to teach Robby how to play spoons. He just 'learned' this time and will have to play next time.  Anderson opted to play in the toy room this round.  Whitman went to be around 7;45 and all the big kids watched an episode of Let's Make a Deal.  Before we knew it, it was 8:45 and time for bed!

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