May 27, 2014

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Awards Ceremony for Campbell's Pre-K Class

  • Today was award day for Campbell so the kids and I scrambled out the door early this morning to go and see her receive her award...speaking of scrambled, Robby even made scrambled eggs for them to fill their little tummies before our long day.
  • We truly did rush out the door but made it to school in plenty of time.  Us Dennies are early or late so we do rush around a lot only to end up being early-I do like it that way though.  Campbell's class and all of the other classes sang their morning songs, said the pledge and then Campbell's class received their certificates.  My Campbell was adorable and just grinned when Ms. Hannah handed out her certificate.  The other kids all sat around the stroller and it seemed like they were just as proud of Campbell as I was.
  • Then we went back to her room where Ms. Hannah gave all of the kids a book with pictures of themselves.  I wasn't really sure if I was supposed to leave Campbell or take her with me and I think that some kids did leave but Adalyn was staying so I left Campbell and the rest of us walked to the other side of the church house.
  • We found a cozy spot, sat down and started doing our memory work and reading some of Little House in the Big Woods.  My goal is to get through 6 of those Little House books before we go on our trip-that would mean 30 pages of reading each day (our book is written like Bible pages with 2 columns so that is just probably not going to happen-we will do our best though)
  • After we finished our work, I pulled out the kids bathing suits and they were stunned that we were going swimming.  I had been thinking all morning that it was going to rain on us (like the weather had said) but we were able to pick Campbell up early and then meet the Kamps at the pool.  
  • The crowd was much different at the pool than it was yesterday-we were easily able to find a seats for the whole crew.  My Whitman again sat in his stroller and watched for the first kid swim and then he played happily for the second kid swim.  We had lunch and the kids swam and swam-now today was also a bit colder than yesterday so often at least one child was shivering.  When we started pulling out lunch, the kids came even before we asked.  At first I thought they were hungry but they were really just cold.
  • At 1, we headed to the car and Robby even showed up and helped us load up the car.  And it was a good thing that he was there because he was able to open the popsicles that he packed in our ice chest for the kids to eat.  After we were all loaded up, we headed home for showers.  
  • My Keaton and Whitman were sound asleep so I moved them to their beds and they missed showers.  The others were not so lucky-they had showers and then we read some before I let them watch their movies.  I did a few chores and even had some treadmill time before it was wake up time for the little ones.
  • Robby came in with supper and we all ate and then Keaton and Campbell "helped" me clean my school desk.  When I had cleaned my desk and then picked up all of their "help," it was time for a movie-we watched a movie about Lot and Abraham before bed.  
  • Then it was to bed for my kiddos-we will be on Good Morning Arkansas in the morning....Robby went to get me a Sonic shake thinking it might calm my nerves for the morning.  I am not usually that fluent of a person so hopefully I will make sense!  I might need something a bit stronger than a milkshake!  :)

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