May 13, 2014

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Celebrating Ms. Susie!

  • Last night in the middle of the night, I vividly heard someone holler "Momma, I've poopooed and I'm done."  I jumped myself out of bed and dizzily hurried up the stairs.  I passed Whitman's room on the way and huffed because he was awake and not happy at all.  At the top of the stairs, I said "I'm coming" and rounded the corner to the bathroom and no one was there.  No one was awake upstairs-I guess my phenegran made me  nuts (good thing I wasn't driving!)
  • Robby had a good laugh at my expense and then we went to work on getting Whitman quiet.  He just needed some cuddling (and some milk) and was soon fast asleep again.  As was I, until Graham came downstairs.  I guess he went to the bathroom and then decided that he needed some medicine.  It is a wonder that he was allowed to come downstairs because of the room nazi up there (Reagan).
  • Apparently, when ever any one gets up Reagan makes sure that they quickly and quietly get themselves back into bed.  When Graham gets up in the middle of the night or morning, he tells the room nazi that he is going to potty.  But he has no intention of pottying and plans on going to walk out the other bathroom door.  And when he opens it, there is standing Reagan who tells him to go back to bed.  Seriously, there is no telling what all goes on up there that we have no idea about.
  • We all woke up a bit late-maybe because we never sent Graham back upstairs and he was cuddling with us.  Robby had to quickly get Campbell ready and they headed out the door.  The rest of us had our toast and yogurt and then started on school. 
  • School wasn't that smooth today but we really just have one more day so I can make it-I think I can, I think I can.  Actually, we aren't even doing much anymore since we have finished most things up.  Now to start planning next year-I have a organizational/list making/planning sickness!
  • We hurried to finish and get ourselves ready so we could pick Campbell up and then eat lunch at church.  They had a retirement luncheon for Ms. Susie so we went.  The kids were perfect about getting their plates and drinks.  They all ate and ate and were really excited about the cake and ice cream.  Then we all loaded up and headed back home. 
  • Once at home, the kids helped me with the laundry and then we read before movie time.  I did my treadmill time while the kids watched a movie or two.  When Keaton woke up, she demanded to watch a movie so we agreed and she sat through about 2 minutes of it.  The kids started playing and then Robby suggested going out to eat.
  • We took off our princess dresses (just some of us) and ate supper at Chuys.  The lady who seated us asked us how many and Robby said "6 and 2 highchairs, total of 8."  She took us to a table for 6 and then asked if this would work.  We said it would and then she said "do you need any high chairs?"  Hmm, so there we are all 8 of us-where did she expect for us to sit?  Gracious me-that is why an education is so important.  We might just continue to do math this summer!
  • After supper, which was very good and the kids were perfect, we ran a few errands.  We all went into the Walmart and my kids can act perfectly in a restaurant but take them into Walmart and it wouldn't be surprising if they ended up on the with their antics.  We survived and were soon headed home.
  • Once home, it was pajamas and then a candy cane before bed-yep, we still have candy canes.  Hopefully, I won't hear any voices tonight while we are sleeping-real or imaginary!

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