May 26, 2014

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Paying our respects on Memorial Day

  • Yesterday, I said that I kind of missed my morning cuddle time with the kids and then this morning they all stayed with me (because Robby was still in bed too) and I was able to snuggle away with the kiddos-and now I have had my fill.  Maybe tomorrow they will go to the bonus room again! (kidding-kind of)
  • The kids were beyond excited today because it was pool day!  They had asked us about a zillion times exactly when we would be leaving.  And it was killing them that Robby and then I did our treadmill time before we left.  And to make it even worse, we told them that we had an errand to run before the pool.  To make sure that they understood that this "errand" would not be one like the jump place last week, we added that it was an "educational errand."  They had no idea what this was but knew they probably wouldn't enjoy it (they did though)
  • After leaving our house, we headed downtown to the National Cemetery.  On the way, Robby had printed out Memorial Day word searches for the kids.  As they looked for words, Robby talked about the relevance of the words to Memorial Day and then he explained a bit about the holiday.  I learned that when it was started during the Civil War, it was called Decoration Day.
  • The kids were pretty in awe of all of the graves at the cemetery.  We got out and walked around for a bit and tried to explain the importance of where we were.  After a bit, we loaded back up and headed out...except the little road we headed out on was a dead end.  Ever tried to make a u turn on a narrow road surrounded by headstones?  Robby has-we would inch up and then inch back and even though I hopped out of the car to help, we were both a bit tense praying that we would not roll over a few grave sites on this Memorial Day!
  • Much to the kids delight, we finally turned around and were on our way to the pool.  Grannymom, Grandpa, Dana, Lilly and Cash were already there and they had us chairs in the shade so that was wonderful.  It was crowded, crowded today as expected.  The kids all swam and swam-it came back to all of the 3 big kids though they aren't as fish-like as they were last year.  And since it was cold, Campbell never was in the deep end without her floatees since we weren't in it with her.  Keaton enjoyed the shallow end of the pool and even went down the slide once.  Lilly caught her but when it was time to go down the slide again, she chickened out.
  • Now my Whitman-we kept him in the stroller as long as we could but finally, we had to let him out.  He LOVED the water-he is my child that we just leave in the shower as we rotate child after child in there with him.  He splashed, walked, sat, crawled and even ran through the shallow end.  I can't wait to take him in his floatee in the deep end-but it has to warm up quite a bit for that to happen.
  • The pool had a cookout today and there was enormous amounts of food.  We were way in the back of the line and there was plenty of food-hot dogs, chips, lots of dips (my favorite), drinks and plenty of desserts.  The kids were in heaven and I do kind of wish that we had lunch there everyday.  
  • We stayed long enough that the kids didn't even complain when it was time to come home.  Might have been because we did mention that it was Sonic happy hour so everyone was looking forward to their slush.  Once at home, I thought we might just come in and have a restful evening-nope, everyone went outside.
  • I did stay in and work for quite awhile but the kids played hard outside while Robby worked on cleaning more of the lot behind us.  He has been mowing the bit behind us but now has decided that he doesn't like seeing the bottom part growing up, so he has started working on cleaning that up.  Whoever finally buys that lot, will have a great yard to park their rusted out pick up and throw their junk!
  • After a family (and a few neighborhood kids) game of kickball, we came in for showers and supper. Our pizzas cooked as we finished up our showers and then we watched a video about Abraham.  We are using the church's rightnow media and goodness, there is some really great stuff on there.  And tonight as Robby read the kids the Bible story, he told them that tomorrow someone is going to turn into a pillar of salt.  They can not wait to find out who that happens to!  As Robby was putting up the Bible book, Graham said "give me that Bible"-love hearing words like that.

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