May 18, 2014

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Medal Winner!

  • My Keaton slept in the floor of our room last night and around 1ish, she sat straight up and started fussing and pointing at our bathroom door.  I got out of bed and laid beside her but it took me forever to get her to stop-she was very upset about something.  I wasn't sure if she was dreaming or not, so I gave her a sip of water.  One drink and then she remembered the coke that she had last night when I gave her some medicine and then that was all that she wanted.  
  • I fell asleep with her and around 5 something, I heard Robby's alarm and thought that it was mine.  I never really moved from my spot on the floor but did start apologizing about my alarm.  Finally, I woke up enough to get back into bed and realize that it wasn't my alarm-Robby probably just thought that I was saying that I was sorry that he had to get up and run.
  • And speaking of running, Robby has had lots of folks comment on his weight loss and yep, he is getting to be a skinny little fellow-running 10 miles a day can do that to you.  Tonight on the way home, he commented that people are commenting him on his weight loss but no one ever comes up to you and says "hey fatty, noticed you have been gaining some weight."  So this is your notice, if you ever feel the need to say that to Robby, he will thank you for your honesty.  If you say it to me, you better duck and then run fast.
  • The kids had enough time to eat breakfast upstairs and watch the rest of a red box movie before church.  That gave me some time to empty the dishwasher and marvel at all of the loads of laundry that we have done since Friday.  Yes, I said "marvel"-not fold, I was too overwhelmed to fold them.  My plan is that we will just wear them so I don't have to fold them.
  • Church was fine-Graham did fall asleep (shh, but I think his dad may have too-he denies it though)  After church, Robby picked everyone up and briefly lost Campbell.  But he quickly found her and all was well-not like the time that we really did lose her at church.  I asked her about that today and she remembered exactly what happened-I guess if you are to lose the kids, it is best to do that at church and not somewhere else.  
  • We had lunch at Grannymom's house and then the kids went out to play kickball before we left.  My Anderson was so tired that he was near tears by the end of the game.  He thought that Graham wasn't trying his hardest.  Now remember that poor Graham still has his swollen/jammed/broken/whatever finger from the soccer game and could only grab the ball with one hand.  
  • And this from yesterday-Graham and Pops were sitting in the truck talking about his finger and Graham said that he really didn't want his hand to get better.  Pops asked why and Graham said that he wouldn't have to do his school work with a messed up hand.  That would have been a great idea except that we are finished with school and Graham hurt his right hand and is left handed.
  • This afternoon Reagan and Anderson were treated to the trampoline place because they had memorized all of their hymns from choir.  There were quite a few folks there and the kids had a blast.  Anderson was pleased to show Reagan around and as soon as the man put the wristbands on their hands, they ran off.  It took me forever to find them so I could at least take a picture of them.  
  • The others back at the house, took naps (Whitman, Keaton and even Campbell during the movie) and watched movies.  They were all getting ready when we flew in from trampolining.  I had my 2 big ones quickly take a shower and then we were off back to church.
  • We were a bit late, so Robby and the 3 big kids went into the church house while I unloaded the other 3 and took them to class.  Now Whitman was sickly so I was just going to stay out in the hallway with him.  Keaton was the first to drop off and even though we had been talking about going to class and even though she loves Ms. Patricia, she still threw a huge fit when it was time to go to class.  And my Campbell didn't have a class-she could have gone into one class but it was the class she was in last year and told me that she didn't want to go in the baby class, so I just let her stay in the hallway with me and Whitman.
  • We walked around and I was busy chatting away when I looked up and saw Campbell peeking into the sanctuary.  They were just praying and singing away in there but priss had her head sticking in the door.  I got on to her (I thought it was enough that she wouldn't do it again) and continued on along our walk.  I stopped to talk again and there was Robby's daughter peeking in the sanctuary doors again.  I then debated leaving that child at the church house for the week to see if someone up there could straighten her out!  She just keeps up on our toes.
  • When church was out, we had ourselves supper at Ms. Susie's retirement party.  The whole fam was there so the kids enjoyed seeing everyone and after their tummies were full, it was time to head home.  I had everyone find their pjs from that clean laundry pile and then to bed we went.  We read our Bible story and the kids had a zillion questions and comments-I think they might have been stalling so their bedtime would be a bit later!

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