May 2, 2014

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A little mud never hurt anyone...

  • Friday mornings are my favorite around here and today did not disappoint.  I was up a few minutes before Whitman started stirring so I had my shower and then me and a few kids made muffins for breakfast.  While they were baking, we woke Whitman and the kids started on their school work before 8.
  • When the muffins were done, everyone stopped to eat them and they were delicious.  Then we all went back to work.  For some reason today, I couldn't keep up with the kids and it seemed like everyone was ready to work with me at once. That was fine since that meant they were moving along quickly (which kept us on target with my timed to do list for today-I had lots of things to get crossed off so I had to put my hopeful time by each item...seemed to work)
  • Before 10:30 everyone was finished with school and read all of our together work and then played a bingo game that Campbell had been wanting to play.  Then the kids had some free time while I went through bathing suits.  I was pretty concerned that I was going to have to buy a few but thankfully everyone has some that will work-it may be the same bathing suit that they wore last year (and the year before) but if they work, they work.
  • Then I put up a few clothes from my aunt and then worked on folding laundry.  And then it was lunch time.  While the kids ate, I made my first solo attempt at making wheat bread.  Actually, when you have 5 helpers, it isn't solo but still it was soloish.  The two mini loaves I made did turn out well but the big loaf didn't rise once I put it in the oven to bake.  When we made bread at Louanne's house, we were a bit lax on the rise times and all so I thought I did the same here but I guess I just need to follow the recipe exactly.  I will try again though next week.  Anyway, the bread was good but was pretty heavy.  But the kids did ask for more as I kept cutting them slices with butter and cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on top.  Tonight they even had their sandwiches on the bread...seriously, I felt like Better Crocker or somebody like that!
  • Graham was ready to go outside from 10 this morning but I just don't feel okay with them being outside with me on the treadmill so I held them off until after 2:30. But as soon as I was finished with the treadmill everyone went outside.  For some reason they think they need me out there so as soon as I could pick up some and wake Whitman up, we joined them.
  • The kids rode their bikes, played in the dirt, played kickball and basketball, played scooter tag and freeze tag, swang on the swings.  And once Robby came home they continued playing while he and I (yep, you read that right) mowed the yard.  Then everyone played the final kickball game of the night.  
  • Let's just talk about their kickball obsession-Robby has even caught the bug.  He bought them new bases and keeps their field mowed perfectly even spending time throwing rocks and sticks into the woods.  Personally, I am getting a bit tired of kickball.  I just want to sit outside in a chair cross stitching or doing something like that, maybe even reading a book while the kids play quietly nearby.  I think I have kickball knee and laid in bed last night aching from that day's game-how will I feel tonight after playing 2 games....when is it going to be winter?

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