May 12, 2014

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Last soccer practice of the season...

    • It's Back!  Yep, the blasted stomach bug is back at our house-making this my 3rd time to get it, Keaton's 5th and Anderson's third.  I was already up and heard the commotion upstairs so I went to check.  Anderson had hit my towel and not the carpet so that was a good thing (got to look for the bright side) and then Keaton started.  She will just throw up and throw up and then look up and smile at you and say "I okay."  
    • They moved downstairs and we survived the rest of the night but slept very little.  And that really is the last part of the day that I remember.  I spent the rest of the day in a phenergan induced haze but here is what I have heard about the morning.
    • My Graham might have a touch of the bug since he slept until almost 9-that is unheard of for him and Robby even went upstairs to check on him a few times.  And yes, Robby was able to work from home today and that was a wonderful thing because I didn't leave the bed/floor until 3 this afternoon.
    • The healthy crew had doughnuts and watched movies most of the morning.  Then Robby took them to Grannymom's house so he could do some work.  Graham stayed here and watched tv upstairs in the bonus room and Anderson watched tv in my bedroom and Keaton bounced from room to room.
    • The word was that there was a kickball game at Grannymom's house and Grandpa even played and kicked the ball out of the park.  Whitman played and ran and had few stroller rides and enjoyed lots of attention.  Then Robby picked the kids up and dropped Whitman and Keaton off at Nonna's house so he could take the others to practice.  
    • Graham, Campbell and Reagan played hard during practice and enjoyed being outside and running around.  Anderson and I watched more tv in my bedroom-at one point I fell asleep and heard him calling my name.  I jumped up and went to find him.  I guess he didn't know where I was and had looked all around the house for me-and I was laying in the same spot that I had been in most of the day! 
    • Once Robby brought everyone home, the kids all had showers and then ate a few bites of pizza for supper.  We then tucked everyone in bed and prayed for a better night tonight!

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