May 4, 2014

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Back to the Creek Bank!

  • The kids were pretty tired this morning but they were still up while Robby was still running.  I could hear them watching one of their Sunday morning shows-a dog about a vet or one about someone adopting pets.  As soon as he was finished, they all migrated down to the kitchen to eat breakfast and continue their movie.
  • The morning at church was the calmest part of the day.  We were early enough to see all of the grandparents before dropping off the little ones.  Anderson then sat with Grannymom and Grandpa because they had to sneak out a bit early.  Later in the afternoon, Grannymom took Anderson to Jacob and Ethan's birthday party.  
  • After Sunday school, the rest of us ran home for a few minutes to eat lunch.  Graham and I then went to Will's birthday party.  Graham was pretty excited about swimming.  On the way, I asked him if he remembered how to swim since I couldn't jump in and get him because I was wearing my church clothes.  He thought about that for a few minutes and then said "but they have those people, lifeguards there."  Poor guy, I think I scared him but swimming did come back to him and he was like a little fish.  Even though I couldn't get him to go off of the diving board, I still let him have 2 pieces of cake.
  • After the party, I showered Graham off and we headed to church.  Robby was there dropping Reagan off.  The girls, Whitman and Robby had spent the afternoon at home.  Whitman slept, Reagan watched tv, Robby ran and the little girls played.  Graham and I jumped in Robby's car and off we went to pick up Anderson from Grannymom's house.  She was going to drop him off at church but we had an hour to kill before Graham had to be at church and my Bible study started and it was Sonic happy hour.  
  • Back at church we all went and eventually the big even of the evening started...Back to the Creekbank Children's Musical.  My Graham, Anderson and Reagan were all in it.  Anderson had a bit of a drama part that he wasn't to thrilled about doing but he did it perfectly.  And Reagan had a bit part saying "God made worms to feel real sticky."  She was so, so proud of her part and looks so forward to having an even bigger part next year!
  • The kids did so well-even my Graham who was standing by some boy who couldn't stand (or sit) still for anything!  We celebrated with ice cream with the Kamps, Stattons, Powells and Davids.  The kids loved playing with all of their friends at the new Sonic and apparently they really loved getting sand all over their selves...which meant showers when we made it home.  

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