May 17, 2014

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Final soccer game of the season...

  • What a busy day this was!...and I really think that Robby and I thrive on busy-ness.  We like scrambling around from activity to activity (for a day or two and then we need to slow down...unfortunately, it doesn't look like next week is going to be any slower though.
  • Today was the last soccer games of the season and the kids were ready in no time.  And you would think that without Whitman here (who spent the night at Grannymom's house) we would have been able to get to the soccer game early or at least on time but this was the latest that we have been to the game.  Good thing this is the last one or would be start missing the first one!
  • Graham and Campbell played first.  The other team did beat them but they played their hardest.  Anderson asked why we all hollered every time that Campbell kicked the ball-and it was true, every time that Campbell kicked the ball, our little cheering section would scream and yell for her.  I think we were all so proud of her effort out on that soccer field.  Today when Campbell and I were walking to the bathroom, she said "I wish I would have scored today."  I did my "have fun, try hard, yada, yada speech" but man, I really wished she could have scored too.
  • Now my poor Graham, always plays his hardest and is really into the game.  Today though, when he was running with the ball he got knocked down (by his own teammate-but that is another story).  He started screaming as soon as he fell-poor guy is not the toughest at home but on the soccer field he has been pretty tough.  So when he was crying and screaming, I knew he was really hurt.  One dad went to go and get ice for him, the head of our upward came to check on him and actually I am surprised that no one called the paramedics.  I tried my hardest to quickly get him back on the field and he did go the next quarter but he was still gingerly holding his little pinky finger.  (It is now swollen, but he can move it.  He has soaked it in epsom salt and is using it a bit.)
  • Next was Anderson's game.  Some times I think that he is in a bit of a fog-he didn't really run his hardest today but despite that, he still did excellent.  He didn't score much this season but he really enjoys soccer and he had the best little team this year.  Having a good team really makes things fun.
  • Then there was Reagan's team-last year her team was a losing team but this year it was a winning team.  And really, it is good to be on a winning team.  She scored 2 goals today and if she was a bit faster, I think she might just dominate.   But she had a great time playing soccer and is already thinking about next year.
  • Anderson and Keaton went home with Grannymom-they had lunch from Wendys, probably played kickball and they did take a 2 mile walk with Cash's dog.  Meanwhile, we picked up the kids lunch from Wendys and then Robby and I ate at Panera.  Jason was even there so we visited with him while we ate.  Then it was a quick trip to Walmart.
  • Then we came home and Robby worked in the yard while I worked in the house.  The kids watched a red box movie while Whitman slept.  Around 5, I had finished the house and Robby finished the yard so everyone showered off.  Then Robby picked up the kids and the pizza and all were back home before our company arrived.
  • The Phillips, Atwoods and Wilsons all came over and this meant lots of older playmates for the kids which they adored.  The women folk played a card game while the men folk talked about crime, politics, travel and fires!  And we did a lot of eating-pizza, cookies, more desserts and cheese dip.  
  • The kids had a blast and could have played forever but when everyone left, it was late and my crew was tired.  It was nearly 11 when we finally tucked the big 4 into bed (Keaton was exhausted when she came home from Grannymom's house so she went to sleep quickly and Whitman went to bed around his normal bedtime and slept right through all of our noise.)
  • We did have some of the kids shower before going to bed and the rest will have to shower in the  morning and Graham reminded Robby to read the Bible story before bed so he gladly did that and then it was lights out.

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