September 8, 2014

Entertaining ourselves while the others practice!
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  • School day for Campbell but there was some huge boy vs. girl tower building competition happening upstairs and I was pretty sure that she was not going to want to stop to get ready or even go. Thankfully, she put on her clothes and happily picked out her breakfast for the car ride to school.
  • I quickly poured everyone else's cereal and told them that today they had to eat in the school room as they worked.  There was a chance that we might have to pick up Campbell so we needed to be done with their individual work by 11.  Didn't happen! My Graham was the one that was so distracted today-at one point he left the school room to go and find my computer to do his computer math.  He was gone for at least 20 minutes-I had even forgotten about where he was until he came back saying he couldn't find the computer.  Later I did go and "find" it for him-it was where I plug it up every single night and in the same spot that he has gotten it from every single day.  
  • Keaton watched a movie in the school room using the head phones and Whitman stood right near her where he could see and probably hear the movie too.  He was in his pack n play munching on his little snack.  
  • Robby was able to pick up Campbell so she made it home for lunch and reading with the rest of us. Then the kids had some free time for a bit before it was nap time for the little people.  Keaton went happily to bed but Whitman not so much.  He would fuss, then talk and then be quiet for a bit-so he stayed in his bed for a long while.  But when Campbell and I finally got him up he was just as happy as he could be.
  • The afternoon flew by and soon it was time to load up for football and cheer leading practice.  My Anderson loves playing with his buddies on the field but tonight he did tell Robby that he was the center all of the time.  He is just built like a center so since he is on a team that wants to win, then he will be the center quite often.  
  • Graham's practice was next along with the girls.  I tried to encourage Campbell ever so often but that would only seem to make things worse.  Her coach did talk to me tonight and said that Campbell is doing so much better as compared to the first night when Campbell's just wanted to sit down.  
  • Once we made it home, everyone had showers and then a quick snack before bedtime.

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