September 23, 2014

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Campbell's Open House!

  • Robby was gone before I woke up even though I did wake up early.  He took the van in to see about the tire-couldn't patch it.  So a new tire (and apparently tires for my van aren't cheap) and repairing the lawnmower has eaten up our "no spend month" savings.  Oh, well, easy come, easy go.  Though Robby would probably think that not much of our savings came easy!  
  • I even did my treadmill time early this morning.  A friend had talked about how she was envious of my bonus room where I could put Whitman down for naps and he wouldn't hear us-this made me question why I was letting him take his afternoon nap downstairs in the school room with us so nearby.  Anyway, I gave up my treadmill time for Whitman to sleep upstairs.  He has been sleeping much better during nap time and the rest of us can enjoy those 2 hours a bit more since we don't have to tiptoe around.  
  • Anyway, Anderson was in my bed when I came back downstairs and soon we went to wake everyone else up.  Campbell had spent the night with Nonna and Pops so she wasn't there but the rest of us were up and had started school before 8:15-that is almost a record for us.  And my Graham was finished with his school a bit after 10.  He was on fire today-he is pretty much an every other day boy.  One day he works really hard and the next day not so much.  At least he is consistent in that!
  • Whitman was into every single thing today and was pretty fussy until I put him in his pack n play. Maybe it was the pile of toys in there, or the snack or the cup of milk but he was happy in there. Almost like he didn't have to worry about the others bothering him so he could chill our and relax. Keaton loves watching her movie on the school room computer and Whitman loves standing in the pack n play watching over her shoulder.  Of course she has on earphones so he can't hear it but he sure does like watching it.
  • Soon it was lunch time and we had a smorgasbord of choices-this was clean out the fridge day.  And after lunch we quickly did a few chores.  Then the boys went to their kindles but Reagan played with her paper doll stickers-she did this off and on for most of the afternoon.  She would even let Keaton play sometimes.
  • Campbell was really missing us after being gone all day Monday and then spending the night and being gone most of the day Tuesday.  She made cookies with Nonna but she was still pretty antsy to come home.  Once at home, she didn't care about watching movies with the others, she just wanted to be with me.  So we worked on her reading book.  I finally snuck off to take a shower and she found me and asked why I was showering.  I told her it was for her Open House tonight and she decided she needed a shower too.  She got the little shower ready all by herself and even dried her hair after her shower.
  • Robby brought home supper and quickly ate before loading up for Campbell's Open House-this is our 7th open house (5th year of them) so we kind of know the ropes.  But we played along and found Campbell's pictures, looked at her room and picked up some of her papers.  On one of her papers, she said that her favorite food was pop tarts and that she wanted to be a mom when she grows up.  Both sound good to me!
  • After seeing her class, then we moved on to the cookies and punch-that was the most exciting part of the evening.  And since it was still early when we made it home, the kids quickly went in the house to put on their pajamas and brush their teeth so they could watch more of the ninja warrior show.  We watched it and they only have about an hour left of it-then we can branch out and watch something else.  
  • I think that my Campbell will be asleep in no time at all tonight-she was fading pretty fast during the Bible story.  Today was another good day-now for leftover rice krispy treats!

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