September 9, 2014

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  • Campbell was excited about school today because Nonna was going to pick her up from school. Campbell was not happy with Robby yesterday when he picked her up from school without a drink.  Apparently, you are supposed to bring a drink when you pick her up from school-who knew?  So today, Campbell was ready for school because she knew she was going to get a drink.
  • The rest of us had our toast and yogurt breakfast and then started on school.  Yesterday, my Graham was the last one finished but today he was the first one.  But my Reagan was the most distracted today and her work took forever-now, she can quickly finish her work so she does have some time during the morning to fool around but today there was much too much fooling around. 
  • When Whitman went to the pantry and came back to me with cereal boxes, I knew he was ready for a snack so I passed out cereal for everyone.  Since mouths were full, it was quiet for a bit.  Whitman watched a movie over Keaton's shoulder and soon we were starting on our together work.
  • It seems right now that I am reading a dozen different books to the kids-Farmer Boy, Sarah, Plain and Tall, a book on Squanto, one about colonial days and a dinosaur book-well, okay that is just 5, it just seems like 12.  
  • We had our lunch and soon Campbell was home from school.  She had a good time with Nonna and later in the day as we were sewing a purse for her, she said "I am a good cooker."  I said "you mean a sewer?"  And she continued that she was a good cooker because she had helped Nonna make something.  Of course, I asked her what she made but she had no idea!
  • Reagan was beyond excited to be leaving with Nonna.  Reagan and Nonna went shopping to find Reagan a birthday gift or two.  From what I heard, they shopped, ate out and even got a shake tonight.  Pretty big night for Reagan.
  • This afternoon we really didn't do much.  The kids played on their kindles and watched some movies.  Campbell and I worked on her reading book and sewed some on her purse.  Once Keaton woke up, my 2 shadows followed me constantly.  I have to be Whitman's shadow but I don't like having shadows myself.  I did sneak out to go and get the mail today-it was such freedom.  
  • When Robby came home, we all picked up the toy room as supper cooked (gourmet supper of fish sticks, green beans and cornbread).  I guess it has been a bit since we have had green beans because when Anderson was praying tonight he said gave thanks for the cornbread, fish sticks and then just stopped-he couldn't remember what "those green things" were called!
  • We did take a walk down the road-before our walk Campbell fell off of her bike and banged her lip so she was paranoid about riding her bike and was pretty uncomfortable on it tonight.  And at the end of our driveway to neighbor dogs barked and barked and barked at us until the lady had to come out and get them.  Of course it helped none that the girls just stood there and screamed.  I wasn't too worried, Whitman had a huge stick that he was carrying as he was riding in the stroller so I was prepared to grab it!  Thankfully, we all survived our walk and came back for a bit of football followed by showers.
  • The kids watched some of the show Wipeout before bed and then it was off to bed since tomorrow is a really busy day!

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