September 21, 2014

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Why are you looking at me?  B/c you are so stinkin' cute!

  • After our alarms rang this morning, the first thing that Robby said this morning was "what day is it?"  I quickly answered Sunday thinking that he was kidding.  But no, he said he couldn't decide what day it should be-I guess the effects of turning 40 hit him a day early. 
  • We started getting ourselves ready for church and down came Reagan and Campbell fully dressed.  My Campbell will do this often but Reagan not so much.  Reagan is the one who is usually the last one out of bed but not today. They both even had on the clothes that I had laid out for them-that also never really happens.  Keaton came down with them but she was still wearing her dance outfit that she slept in.  She had told Reagan that it was a dress and she was going to wear it to church but thankfully she didn't protest at all about wearing the dress we picked out yesterday for her to wear.
  • Robby passed out breakfast to everyone while I finished getting myself ready.  The kids even had time to play their kindles some even though we had to leave a few minutes early to take back some library books.  I do love the library and would have a hard time homeschooling well without it.  But seriously, I don't like owing people things and with the library, I always owe them something-if it isn't books, then it is fines.  I am a bit paranoid too since over our trip, their text/email messaging to remind you of nearly overdue books was down and my fine accumulated to 20 plus bucks.  Now every Friday, I check to make sure my library books are not due soon-had to put that on my list.
  • Church was fine-I did almost laugh out loud and embarrass the family.  At the end of the service, a whole group of people came down front and set on the front pews.  I knew they were coming forward for prayer for an upcoming mission trip but I still leaned over to Anderson and said "they are a bit late, aren't they?"  He looked at them and said "they sure are."  This tickled me and the more I giggled, the harder I wanted to laugh.  Oh my goodness, tears were rolling down my eyes I was laughing so hard.
  • Sunday school was uneventful.  I pulled out my teacher voice today-3rd grade boys!  I tell you, they just needed gentle reminders about how to sit in chairs, how to walk down the hallway and what to do when you enter a classroom.  If I saw my boys acting like these kids do, it would not be good. Now, they are all good kids but too many boys in a room just creates havoc.  After our little meeting, everyone calmed down and Sunday school was actually enjoyable.  I might change my tune but I can see Robby and I teaching this age for a few years.  
  • Lunch was at Nonna and Pops house.  They had tenderloin-Anderson's favorite meat-he said that at least 7 times.  Whitman though was not at all impressed with Nonna's lunch and would have none of it.  But he did enjoy Robby's birthday cake and had his share of that.  Of course, he thought that we were singing Happy Birthday to him and just sat and grinned as we sang to his daddy.
  • At home this afternoon, we quickly hurried to put everything up and then it was naptime.  Just as usual, Campbell and I snoozed until the last minute when we had to get up and scurry around.  The kids had choir and Reagan sang her hymn (Amazing Grace) she thinks but the boys tried and didn't get it so they will have to sing them next week.  That means that we are going to practice 19 times a day until then.  I don't like homework hanging over our heads-wonder if we could sing them Wednesday and not wait until Sunday?
  • At the end of church, we walked around the sanctuary praying for different unreached people groups.  Reagan said she liked that much better than big church and Campbell thought it was a scavenger hunt so she really enjoyed it.  Then Keaton went home to spend the night with Grannymom and Grandpa and the rest of us went to the playground to play some after church.  
  • The kids played and played on the playground.  They had so much fun that they required showers when we got home.  Showers were quick because everyone wanted to hurry to get the first pick of our ice cream truck.  
  • After our ice cream eating, it was Bible story time.  Tonight the question was how tall was Goliath? Reagan had done her pre-reading and knew that he was over 9 feet tall. Pretty wild to imagine. Hopefully my Campbell who has started to have her nightmares/terrors/whatevers again won't be too bothered by reading about that giant!

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