September 4, 2014

Go Upward!
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  • School morning for Campbell and I had her dressed and ready before I realized that I needed to get Keaton up so she could go with Robby.  I hurried around to get her ready so she could grab her pop tart and hurry to the car with Robby.
  • While they were gone, the schoolers and I started to work on school.  This morning it was so quiet in the school room as the children worked-for about 3 minutes. Seriously though it was nice for a bit-nice enough that I thought "this is what school should be like" but that wouldn't be any fun at all! 
  • The kids really did fine this morning and were all finished by 11 when Robby, Keaton and Graham left to go and pick up Campbell.  While they were gone, Reagan and Anderson played Battleship. The game took a long while and they played until Campbell came home and kicked Anderson's game board over.
  • That Campbell.  What was she thinking doing that?  I sent her to the kitchen and then Robby told her that she couldn't have kool aid with her lunch like everyone else.  That was the worst punishment ever.  She has a bit of a hard time coming home and readjusting to following our rules and routine.  All of this was to gain attention-silly thing.  
  • We all had our lunch and then Robby sent the kids all upstairs (to either side) for them to play quietly for 30 minutes.  That just left Whitman down here with me-though he would sneak away and climb quickly up the stairs to find the others.  Of course, I don't mind him up there but I do mind him eating legos and the kids do not like him knocking down their tracks or towers or whatever else they have created.  
  • After quiet-upstairs time (which worked surprisingly well) we watched a history film for school and then it was kindle time and nap time for little people.  Whitman had a wonderful morning nap but not so great of an afternoon nap-which made me very sad!  I guess I will have to start weaning myself off of his morning naps.  I sure do love those morning naps-just makes our school day go so much smoother!
  • Soon though our afternoon was over and we were eating supper-home made chinese and it was a winner dinner.  Anderson, our vegetarian, asked for more meat so that says something about how people liked the meal.  
  • Then it was time to run by Beebee's place to drop off her laundry.  I just ran in real quick while the kids and Robby waited in the car and then it was to cheer leading practice.  So now let's discuss Campbell-Robby told her to watch Reagan so she stood the opposite direction of her team watching her sister and not her coach.  I am surprised that she didn't run off chasing a butterfly during her practice.  We made her practice tonight when we made it home and have decided that she will get some ritalin on Saturday morning!
  • We all went to practice and all the boys played catch, Whitman sat in the stroller and kept Jason company, I watched the girls and Keaton bounced between me and the boys playing ball.  When we came home, we gave everyone showers and then we had time for a cracker and our Bible story before bed.  

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