September 11, 2014

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Let the #9 Celebrations Begin!

  • Busy morning around here-Campbell to school taking fruit to share with her class. She chose cantaloupe.  She told me that she wanted "not grapes" so I asked apples or oranges.   Then she added that she wanted the orange fruit that Grannymom has.  Hmm, so then the guessing really started-finally I figured out that she was talking about cantaloupe. Or at least that is what she thought she was talking about-I had never seen her eat a cantaloupe before.  So the other day, Robby ran to the store to buy one for her and then I handed it off to Nonna to cut for me (yep, I am a cantaloupe cutting virgin)  Anyway, early this morning Campbell and her cantaloupe were loaded into the car.
  • Also Anderson was loaded into the car along with his watch that displayed how well he slept and his list of foods that he had for breakfast (a healthy well balanced breakfast-since we had to pick from the choices)  Anderson was eager for the day at the Nutrition center since he knew mac and cheese would be for lunch, he knew he would have time to play in the play area there and he knew that his daddy would probably buy him a treat on the way home.  
  • So all was going well this morning after Robby, Campbell and Anderson left.  We had finished our breakfast and were moving swiftly along on our school.  With just one less kid doing school, everyone else can get their work done much quicker-less distraction for them, fewer people for me to wrangle here, less time to wait for me to answer their questions.  We were moving swiftly but then the phone rang-Robby had forgotten to give Campbell her cantaloupe.  He was already well on his way to Children's Nutrition center fighting the crazy traffic and rain.  
  • I said we would load up and take that cantaloupe to Campbell so I started getting ready and having the kids finish what they were working on.  Just as I was about to give the "get in the car" call, Robby called back to say that he was just going to be late and would return to school.  Campbell didn't yet know that they had forgotten her cantaloupe but did grin as her daddy dropped it off.
  • Reagan and Graham were finished with school before 10 this morning.  And my Whitman was really into the everything today.  He didn't slow down until he saw a video still playing in the school room after the rest of us had left.  He was standing by the computer watching it so I walked in and unplugged the earphones so he could hear it.  He stood there so I left-later I peeked in and he was sitting in front of the computer watching the cartoon.  I think he is going to really like watching tv-that makes my heart happy!
  • Soon it was really time to pick up Campbell.  She wasn't too happy to see me since today is lunchbox kids where some of her classmates stay longer.  There is no need for her to do that since a few more hours of her at school just means me leaving the house during naptime for the others and her being gone for a bit more doesn't give me any time without kids and really, we just miss Campbell's spunk and excitement that she adds to the house when she is gone.  And man, is my Campbell in rare form when she comes home from school.  We had to have a come to Jesus meeting this afternoon-gracious me!
  • At the Nutrition center, Anderson was doing perfectly-brain lab and psych.  One of the examiners looked at his sleep watch and came out to ask Robby if Anderson had a shorter night of sleep than usual.  Uh? He went to bed around 9 and then woke up at 7-that is a good 10 hours of sleep. Wonder how long the person thought Anderson should sleep or wonder what the data on the watch said he did sleep.  My Anderson is really probably one of the best sleepers that we have here.  And when all of Anderson's hard work was finished, he was given 3 whole dollars to spend at the Dollar Store-that is like giving him a hundred bucks!-a coke, candy and a spear gun were his choices.
  • After a trip to the grocery store, Anderson and Robby were home.  The rest of us were watching movies and playing kindles this afternoon.  I was busy working on birthday things for Saturday-the birthday girl is getting really excited about her birthday.  
  • We had supper and then Nonna and Pops came over with a cake to start Reagan's birthday celebration.  The kids were happy to see them and when they left, Keaton and Campbell had showers.  Then everyone watched Ninja warriors for a bit.  Then when we went to bed, Robby read the Bible story-tonight the kids were given the option to pre-read the story from the Bible and earn a prize.  Campbell, Graham and Reagan had all asked to read (or me read it to them) the story-Reagan and Graham were able to answer their questions but Campbell was not-she didn't care though.  Their reward tonight is a new kindle game-that is a huge, huge deal.  Though Reagan said tonight that she didn't want a kindle game for her birthday, she wanted a present.  Um what? Lately, our present to the kids for their birthdays have been me birthing them and then throwing them a party.  Maybe she would just like some cash...though this is no spend month!

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