September 7, 2014

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Looking quite dapper!

  • Graham was the first one up but I don't know if laying in your bed moaning and squealing counts as being the first one up.  Why in the world does he do that some mornings-waking everyone up in the entire house.  Makes me crazy! And a crazy momma is not the best way to start a Sunday morning.
  • After Robby had his shower, he fed everyone and then it was time for clothes and lots of hair doing.  Just an aside-I am so thankful that I have some boys around here too.  I can not imagine doing hair for 6 girls.  Though I did have to comb Whitman's hair today-I have decided that I am going to let his beautiful blonde curls grow until someone mistakes him for a girl.  And then he will get his buzz cut.
  • All my kiddos did great in church.  Around here things just work best if we have list and schedules for everything-permanent seating arrangement in the car, order for who picks the movies first on what days, a breakfast schedule, a shower schedule for who takes a shower in what shower and the order, a snack schedule, an order for who prays at meals on what days-and now, we have a permanent seating arrangement in big church.  That would be Campbell, me, Anderson, Graham, Robby and Reagan.  It works well so now it is the law!
  • After church we ate out (yes, it is still no spend month but this was a mystery shop)  The kids again were really good and we received a very nice compliment-like hearing those.  My kids love Mexican food though and they all have, even as babies.  Whitman put away lots of beans and Keaton ate more beans and rice than all of the others combined.
  • Once at home, there was all kinds of commotion during naptime-baby crying, people needing bathroom help, questions about snacks, fights, a dirty pull up-it was a wonder I got to sleep at all! And that was cut short because tonight was the first night of choir and my Campbell was so, so excited about getting to go to choir tonight.  
  • She may have been excited about choir but she sure was not excited about me not letting her have the Lord's supper tonight in church.  Before the service when I was telling her about what was going to go down, she cried "but I can't wait til supper" and "you won't let me have supper" and "I am starving" but that didn't persuade me-only caused me to start laughing at her (which didn't help at all!)  Thankfully she made it through the service without snatching a shot glass of grape juice as it went by and all was well.
  • On the way home, there was a wreck or fire on Lawson so we had to turn around and go a long, long ways out of the way to get home-all while staring at the gas tank wondering if we had enough gas then to get home and then to the gas station.  Oh, well that is why we are AAA members!-we need to make sure we get out money worth out of that!  
  • At home, we had our ice cream and then it was bedtime for the crew.  

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