September 28, 2014

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Celebrating Sept. birthdays at G-Mom and G-Pa's

  • Everyone sleeping upstairs were up much earlier than the ones sleeping downstairs.  I am pretty sure as soon as the boys woke up they all came downstairs to play on their kindles.  But my sweet girls, who slept in the floor of my room, could have snoozed until noon-we could have too.  Soon it was time for breakfast and time for everyone to get their clothes on for church.
  • We dropped off Whitman and Keaton and then all settled down for big church.  Cash sat in between the boys and he was perfect and was so sweet watching him try to help Graham find the verses in his Bible. We then went to our Sunday school classes.  I think that Reagan is warming up to us being her teachers. Tonight Anderson did say that he had never been in a class that we taught-I told him that maybe he would be in our class next year.
  • Then it was on to Grannymoms and Grandpa's house. She had spaghetti pie and Robby's favorite-Oreo delight.  My Whitman didn't touch his food until right before we passed out dessert.  He started eating a few bites and then he saw the dessert and was finished with his main course.  Keaton and Robby blew out candles to celebrate their birthdays.  
  • The kids went outside (long enough to have to have showers when we made it home-ugh!) and then they came in for present time.  Robby opened up a grill cover, something for his weed eater, a chair mat, t shirts and a soap holder-all gifts that will be put to good use. 
  • Once we made it home, the kids had really quick showers but unfortunately that didn't leave us too much time for a nap.  Robby put away some of his presents and when he unrolled his desk chair mat, it said to press it down so he and I just laid down on it to try to flatten it out-we were sneaking a rest in whenever we could!
  • There was hardly anytime before it was time to stir everyone to head to choir.  Anderson and Graham sang their hymn (Amazing Grace) tonight so that was good to get that marked off-now we just have to start working on next months hymn. 
  • My Campbell sat fairly still during big church tonight but she must have been working hard on fixing her hair (unnoticed by Robby or me) since we were told how precious she was working on her hair.  That child is becoming quite a mess-her and Anderson went with me to pick Keaton up tonight and then they forgot about Whitman and ran on out to the playground.  When the walked out the door, they realized that I wasn't with them and since they couldn't go back in, they just continued playing!  I probably should say that I immediately missed them and figured out where they were or that I saw them head that way but no, I didn't even notice they weren't with me!
  • We played on the playground until dark and at 7:30 it was dark, dark.  Tomorrow we will be finishing our football game at 7:30-hope we can find our way to the car!...with all of the kids!  Once at home, we quickly passed out the kids their ice cream and then it was bedtime.  Real school for Campbell, homeschool for the others, football and cheerleading in the evening-a busy, busy day!

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