September 22, 2014-Happy 40th Birthday Robby!

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Celebrating #40 with Sonic Waffle Cones!

  • Monday morning and no one was stirring. Even though it was Robby's birthday today, he still had to go to work and still had to get Favorite Daughter #2 to school. Unfortunately, Campbell wasn't too excited about school until we reminded her that she was the snack helper-that means a special napkin for snack.  This is a really, really big deal to Campbell-maybe I should just buy her some special napkins for her birthday.  
  • We all waved as they did leave this morning.  Then it was school time for the rest of us.  The big 3 all ate their cereal while they were working at their desks.  For some reason, my kids were pretty distracted today and everyone wanted to stop what they were doing repeatedly to play with Whitman (who is finally feeling back to his normal self).  Of course all of this play, caused their school work finishing time to be pushed further and further back.
  • My favorite part of the school day has become doing language with Reagan-she is diagramming sentences (just subjects, verbs, adjectives and adverbs so far).  And I enjoy helping Anderson with his Bible study.  This is his first year to do it and he just needs a bit of help.  Then I also enjoy working with Graham on his spelling-kind of fun watching him "get" things.
  • Around 11:20, I stopped their school work and we did some reading together.  I do like reading to everyone but by then end of our reading time, I am usually pretty hoarse for a few minutes.  Then it was time to run around the house to quickly do our chores-Reagan vacuumed for the first time today (the boys usually do) and she did a really great job.  
  • Then we headed to Nonna's house for lunch.  The kids had a menu of choices to pick from and they were pretty pleased that Nutella was on their menu-that is what I had too (a nutella quesadilla).  Nonna showed me how to cut a cantaloupe.  And after my lesson, I decided to start loading up some clothes from my aunt in the car.  
  • When I walked to the car, I noticed that I had a tire that looked a little odd.  On closer inspection it looked almost too flat to drive home.  I text Robby to ask what to do-go home, stay or go to get it fixed?  While I was waiting on his return text, Nonna and I saw the huge bolt sticking out.  And then we heard the air spewing out-so I decided to go ahead and call my AAA folks.
  • Robby sometimes debates having AAA-though ever since we used them twice in one night (gas and then a tow from Memphis home)-he definitely sees the value.  About an hour later (we had time for a kickball game, a badminton game and drink to cool us off), the AAA man came and started on the car.  My boys (including Whitman) loved watching the man work.  And he had to work pretty hard to get our spare (full sized thankfully) out from the bottom of the van.  That is what took the longest but within minutes my other tire was on and we were good to go.  
  • This did cause us to get home a bit later than planned but I was able to make Robby's rice krispy treats-so it was a wonderful 40th birthday for him.  Keaton, Campbell and Robby were home pretty soon after I had unloaded our stuff.  We were home for a few minutes before leaving again.
  • I quickly threw some stuff in a bag and called it supper.  While Anderson was practicing, I fed my supper to the kids.  I was pretty pleased with my Andy tonight, the other boys were fooling around a bit but Anderson was able to have fun and still listen to his coaches.  After his practice, he left his friends who were still playing and walked passed me and said "I need to go and help Dad."  And that he did-practiced with Robby's team too.  And that is when I forgot to feed that boy-Robby did offer him a few crackers before bed.
  • Graham practiced and he just has lots of fun playing with his friends.  I think he might enjoy football just as much as his brother does.  Campbell though worked some during cheerleading but bless her heart, just bless her heart.  She tries, I guess but oh my, we probably shouldn't have let her cheerlead this year.  Now Reagan really seemed into it tonight and was excited that she was going to get to call out one of the cheers.  
  • After practice, we loaded up and met Jason at Sonic.  Tonight was half price cones so we had a few ice cream cones to celebrate Robby's birthday.  We sang, Robby blew out candles, he read his cards and we all had huge ice cream cones.  
  • On the way home, we dropped Campbell off at Nonna's house.  Robby is going to take the car in early, early in the morning so we thought Campbell might enjoy not having to wake up at the crack of dawn.  Then it was home for showers.  Some nights, Whitman does not like taking his shower but other nights, like tonight, he loves it.  When I told him and Keaton that it was time to get out, Whitman looked up at me and shook his head!  That little stinker!

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