September 2, 2014

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An Afternoon at the Rink!

  • Robby woke up at 7:40 but didn't seem to worried about the time.  It didn't take long at all of Campbell to be walking out the door with her shoes on and toast and milk in her hands.  Robby was not too far behind her with his lunch in his hands.  Campbell still made it to school on time to join her class for singing the songs.  
  • Back at home, we had our toast and yogurt and then started on school.  The kids had completed 4 of their today's boxes this weekend.  This helped Graham to finish around 10.  I did sneak 2 more things in Anderson and Reagan's boxes but they still finished before lunch.  Reagan actually finished in time to play playdoh with Keaton and Graham.  
  • Keaton does so well during school-today she did get a bit tiffed at me because I didn't have her enough school work to do.  I did give her a huge ABC puzzle today and though she often needed help, she finally finished it.  But even though she was put out with her lack of school boxes, she still found plenty to occupy herself during school.  I was about to find a movie for her to watch but she pulled out the playdoh.
  • We had our lunch-Whitman had a nice long nap this morning since I knew he would miss his afternoon nap-but he did wake up in time for lunch.  He just listens at lunch while I read but then when the kids start getting restless, the louder he gets.  I usually try to give him more food or drink to calm him down but usually when he is finished listening to Farmer Boy or whatever else we are reading, that is the end of reading time.
  • The kids then had a few minutes on their kindles and then it was time to change for skating and read our little book about chess playing.  Keaton was so excited about getting to go to Grannymom's house-though she wanted to pack first.  
  • We picked Campbell up from Grannymom's house and dropped off Keaton and Whitman.  All of our buddies were there too so that made it fun and probably encouraged my crew to try a bit harder.  The Dennies are not awesome skaters-you could probably not even call some of them skaters!  
  • Campbell definitely needed the skating walker to get around and she was an accident waiting to happen even with that.  Graham started off pretty shaky (extremely) but he did improve but still needed the walker.  Anderson loved using the walker but probably became the best skater by the end of the day.  And Reagan was very cautious but also by the end she started moving away from the wall.  Since I can not skate at all, I was pretty proud of how well they had done.
  • After we left, we ran by Grannymom's house and picked up Keaton and Whitman-Whitman was thrilled to see us and started waving bye and blowing kisses as soon as he saw our van and Keaton told me that she wasn't going home.  They both had a good time playing and fell sound asleep on the way home.
  • We had pizza for supper and then showers for all.  The kids had a bit of down time and then watched an enormous amount of Ninja Warrior before bed-always good to watch a calming show before bed! 

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