September 19, 2014

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Out on the town...

  • Campbell has really been doing well lately not waking up in the middle of the night.  But last night she woke up.  Robby told her to go back to sleep over the monitor.  But she said "I need to tell Momma something."  Robby said "she's listening" but Campbell replied back "I need to tell Momma something."  So up the stairs I stumbled and when I sat down beside Campbell's bed, she said "what time can we get up?"  Seriously?  I told her 7 and then she told me that she had a bad dream but by that time she was calm and it didn't bother her when I went downstairs.
  • This morning Keaton and Graham (I think) were the first ones up.  They are the best at cuddling with us in bed for a bit.  But soon the bed was too full and that means only one thing-time for me to get up.  Robby had bought cinnamon bread (on clearance) the other day so that was our breakfast this morning.
  • For some reason, I am off on my school planning so even though Fridays are usually pretty light and fun days, this day was not.  I assume that means that the Friday work will come around soon-I am sure that I could have switched things around but since things are already pulled out and put in order (even if it is the wrong order) I just thought I would leave it alone.  The kids didn't mind and soon it was a bit after 11 and everyone was finished except for Anderson needing to do a bit of reading.  
  • I know that I have mentioned it before lately, but we are reading so many different books that the kids are even getting confused now.  It is almost funny at all the different books we are working through-probably if I would just read 1 book instead of 29 then I could finish them sooner.  Oh well, we are all enjoying our wide variety of books.
  • This afternoon we played one of Reagan's new games and then we played chess.  We are slowly going through a library book and learning to play chess.  I never would have thought that the kids would have picked it up so well and though no one uses any strategy or plays with skill, they still play and I think we understand it.  
  • After this the kids watched a bit of movies while I finally had my shower.  As I was getting, Campbell was watching me put on my undergarments.  She looked at me, looked down in her dress.  Then she asked "is that for? what does?" (trying to ask what a bra was for) and finally "are mine going to get bigger?"  Sure are, sweetie!
  • Soon Robby was home and we were waking Whitman up from his nap. That boy was sleeping soundly and he didn't want to wake up at all.  He was a bit moody until I sat him down in the kitchen and he saw an empty candy box in the trash can...then he lay down and had himself a good old fit.  Seriously, that child just lay in the kitchen until Robby came to check on what was wrong.  We tried candy, we tried a drink, we tried hugs, we thought about trying a spanking but nothing helped-finally he calmed down as he sat in Robby's office with us watching him and went through Robby's trash can.  I guess he just likes trash.  But then we decided he needed a shower and this started his screaming all over again.  
  • Once we climbed into the car, he was happy that he was getting out of the house so he finished his fussing.  We picked up Nonna, Pops and Jason and then we headed to Newks to start celebrating Robby's 40th birthday coming up next week.  The kids enjoyed all of the food and Reagan ate almost a whole bowl of tomato basil soup.  She had the right idea ordering soup because it was cold, cold in that restaurant. 
  • After eating, we walked across the street to Gigis to eat a few cupcakes.  The kids loved having their own little cupcake-yep, little cupcakes were all we could afford!  Ha!  I want to learn how to make cupcakes like those.  After eating our cupcakes, we dropped everyone off and then came home.
  • Robby has been printing off the verses from the Bible that our Bible stories are coming from.  If the kids read the verses and then are able to answer questions they might win a prize.  Tonight's prize was getting to watch some Ninja Warrior.  The kids had read, reviewed and Reagan even read it to Campbell-they worked hard and knew all of the answers tonight so they all came downstairs to watch our Ninja show before bed.  Tomorrow is the 3rd football game so we will be rising early.

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